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Cross Country Grand Prix 2014: Here we go!

By: Kate Queeney, USATF-NE XC Committee Member


Photo Credit: Scott Mason Photography

Photo Credit: Scott Mason Photography

Sunday, Sept. 7 marks the kickoff to the 2014 USATF-NE Cross Country Grand Prix series, with the Greater Boston Track Club XC Invitational in Wellesley, MA. An updated list of the series scoring rules and awards structure can be found here.

Before jumping into the upcoming series, let’s remind ourselves of the 2013 series results. Starting with the women’s side, GBTC pulled out a decisive victory at the final, championship meet in Franklin Park last November to break a tie with Western Mass Distance Project and take the series title. Millennium Running burst onto the scene halfway through the season and made a decisive run, finishing a strong third place with only three races under their belts (singlets?). WMDP ran uncontested in the masters division for much of the season but scored a convincing win over six other teams at the championship meet to take the series title. In the senior division, Greater Derry Track Club scored the series win despite losing the championship to Cambridge Sports Union. Liberty AC stood alone atop the 60+ podium. Individual series winners were Sydney Fitzpatrick of New Balance Boston in the open division, Dana Parrot of WMDP in masters and Anne Hird of Ronald McDonald House of Providence in the 50+ division.

Many of last year’s competitors will toe the line this Sunday, and we asked them for their thoughts on what makes cross country (and this series) so special. It’s generally not hard to convince distance runners of the joys of cross country, but Anne Hird put it both succinctly and artfully: “It is running in its purest form. Times don’t matter, because each course is different; it is all about head-to-head racing.” That head-to-head racing is enhanced by the series format; as Anne points out, there’s a certain “camaraderie that comes from running against the same group throughout the series.” (This writer can attest to the special camaraderie of being passed by Anne at about the 2-mile mark of almost every race.)

Dana Parrot probably speaks for many of us when she says that her favorite memory of last year’s season was the final, championship race: “I was terrified and thrilled to be at the starting line with some of my former teammates (when I lived in New England almost 20 years ago).  My speed may be lacking compared to back then, but my heart is still in the game.”

If this still doesn’t have you digging through the mudroom for your spikes, GBTC would like to whet your appetite for cross country with. . . pie. That’s right, pie, at the first race of the series; not really much more to say. See you there!

Stay tuned for more updates and a men’s 2013 recap too!


New England Cross Country 2014: Closer than you think!

By: Kate Queeney, USATF-NE XC Committee Member

Summer’s heat has just started to creep over New England, but it’s not too early to start thinking about running during the crisp days of fall. The 2014 USATF-NE Cross Country Grand Prix series will again feature five races from September through November. The series, a mix of old favorites and a couple new races, is listed below and on the main cross country schedule page, where you can also find a rich array of other New England cross country races to choose from.


HFC Striders’ Race Report: USATF Club Cross Country Championships

TJ Unger of HFC Striders at the USATF Club National Championships

TJ Unger of HFC Striders at the USATF Club National Championships

As previously reported, USATF-NE awarded HFC Striders with a grant for the cross country season to assist the team in sending members to compete in the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships in Bend, Oregon on December 14.

USATF-NE President Tom Derderian, who raced the masters 10k race at the championships, described the race course, noting that it “pushed the limits of cross-country racing right up to the edge of trail and mountain racing. Half the repeated 2km loop was up hill and half downhill with the downhill full of twists turns, rocks, reverse camber turns, snow, ice, and mud. It took strength and skill to race this course. It was vastly different from any road race or track race.”

Below, find a recap from HFC Striders Coach, Jimmy Fallon, where he details the process to physically and financially get the team to compete in the national championship.

“When we started thinking about our participation early in 2013, our vision was to field full teams in all divisions. However, since we started with two in 2010 and six in 2012, this was going to be a challenge. However, stocked with the grant awarded by USATF-NE, prize money won from the USATF-NE XC Grand Prix, and funding garnered from hosting the Wayland Grand Prix events, we felt confident on giving it a try.

As soon as we announced to our club members that we wanted to field teams in Bend, we received several strong commitments to compete, some were hesitant due to the expense (recent college grads), and others who would have made it if the event was closer to home. Charged with the positive response, the club focused our weekly sessions around XC and held specific XC training on several Saturdays.

After a successful XC season in New England, we fielded a Men’s open team in the National Club Championships for the first time ever. HFC also fielded a masters team for the first time ever. One of our masters drove nine hours each way from San Jose, CA where he currently works, demonstrating the commitment of our team.

You have probably all seen the results and noticed we did not win, but we were finally on the score board as a TEAM from New England. Despite the tough course and being beat up afterwards, the prominent theme in emails and club blogs in the days after focused on how members are looking forward to the event in 2014. There were at least five other athletes that did not compete this year that are on board to compete in Lehigh.

So, while we did not achieve our stretch goal of 26 members, thanks to the support from USATF-NE we were able to help cover the airfares of several members of our team, place us on the scoreboard, and generate excitement for 2014 where we will strive to field men’s and women’s open teams, men’s and women’s masters, and a senior men’s team.”

In addition to HFC Striders, several other New England clubs brought teams to compete. These results highlights are noted below.

12.   374  Boston Athletic Association                        (  33:18  2:46:27)
  1     24  Eric Ashe                         25 28   32:09
  2     36  Brian Harvey                      26 43   32:32
  3     69  Colman Hatton                     26 79   33:11
  4     99  Dan Harper                        23 113   33:49
  5    146  Ryan McCalmon                     38 172   34:46
27. 723 New Balance Boston ( 34:40 2:53:20)
  1     95  Andrew Combs                      29 108   33:44
  2    123  Stephen Polito                    23 145   34:18
  3    126  Daniel Kramer                     24 148   34:20
  4    136  Andrew Pitts                      28 159   34:27
  5    243  Chris McCann                      27 288   36:31
  6   (252) Max Jack                          25 298   36:47
  7   (283) John Drago                        23 333   37:31
  8   (291) Daniel Lounsbury                  31 342   37:45
36. 1014 Greater Boston Track Club ( 35:44 2:58:39)
  1    183  Ryan Irwin                        29 215   35:21
  2    189  Robert Espinosa                   29 222   35:28
  3    199  Anthony Gonsalves                 23 234   35:34
  4    218  Michael Carlone                   22 259   36:05
  5    225  Matthew Haringa                   30 267   36:11
  6   (310) Caleb Evanter                     26 368   38:27
  7   (316) Daniel Hall                       30 381   39:40
48.  1394  HFC Striders                                       (  37:55  3:09:35)
  1    241  Tj Unger                          35 286   36:31
  2    249  Mark McDermott                    29 294   36:44
  3    285  Christopher Lotsbom               23 336   37:34
  4    299  Kenny Rayner                      23 356   38:14
  5    320  Chris Canning                     24 388   40:32

 5.   163  New Balance Boston                                 (  23:11  1:55:51)
  1     16  Jillian King                      23 20   22:36
  2     17  Sydney Fitzpatrick                24 22   22:44
  3     40  Erin Dromgoole                    34 55   23:20
  4     42  Joanna Murphy                     29 59   23:31
  5     48  Karen Roa                         23 67   23:40
  6   ( 63) Katie Dicamillo                   27 86   23:56
  7   ( 67) Alexandra Varanka                 28 95   24:02
  8   ( 75) Jessica Minty                     29 104   24:12
19.   642  Greater Boston Track Club                          (  25:49  2:09:04)
  1     58  Kerri Leonhardt                   24 81   23:52
  2     93  Alyson Millett                    25 126   24:42
  3    147  Elizabeth Ryan                    23 197   26:07
  4    150  Alyse Rocco                       24 201   26:13
  5    194  Alee Rowley                       25 251   28:10

 20.   646  New Balance Boston B                               (  25:38  2:08:08)
  1     91  Diana Davis                       28 123   24:35
  2     94  Katherine Rosettie                22 127   24:43
  3    136  Karina Johnson                    30 181   25:40
  4    152  Fiona Moriarty                    25 205   26:16
  5    173  Erin Ballard                      29 228   26:54
  6   (183) Sarah Brassard                    26 239   27:26

New England Athletes to Compete at USATF National Club XC Championships in Bend, Oregon

The USATF-NE Cross Country Grand Prix series came to a close last month with the New England Championship race at Franklin Park in Boston. Throughout the five race series, we saw several strong performances, from individuals and teams in both the open and masters competition.

In final results, GBTC took the women’s open team competition, with WMDP and Millennium coming in second and third respectively. The GBTC men’s squad also came in first for their open competition. HFC was second, with BAA in third. Sean Duncan of WMDP was the individual winner in the men’s open series and NBB’s Sydney Fitzpatrick was the women’s open overall winner. Full results of the Grand Prix standings, including all team and individual scoring can be viewed here.

With all of this New England racing behind us, there is still one more cross country race on the horizon for many of these athletes – the USATF National Club XC Championships, which will be held on December 14th in Bend, Oregon at River’s Edge Golf Course. According to the USATF website, the championships “will feature the top clubs from across the United States as they vie for honors and bragging rights as the nation’s top cross country team. More than 100 teams and 1,200 competitors are expected to compete.” For a sense of the competition at these championships, the 2012 results are here.

A number of New England athletes are entered to compete, including those from GBTC, NBB, HFC Striders and Greater Springfield Harriers. Best of luck to these teams and runners as they prepare for their races next Saturday!



Local scholastic runners turned in impressive performances at the recent Nike Cross Nationals (NXN) Northeast Qualifier at Bowdoin Park in Wappingers Falls, NY. The meet was one of the eight qualifiers, and included the six New England states, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The top two teams and several at-large teams from around the country, plus the top five individuals from non-qualifying teams advance to the final on December 14th in Oregon.

Four top ten finishes in the girls race came from the following New Engalnders: Race runner-up Abbie McNulty (Bishop Feehan – Attleboro, MA), fourth place finisher Autumn Eastman (Champlain Valley Union HS, VT), Fifth-place Emma McMillan (Barrington, RI)  and Hannah Parker who came in at 10th place (Coe-Brown – Northwood, NH). Additionally, three New England teams placed in the top five: Black Bear XC / Coe Brown Northwood, NH (3rd); Rocks XC / Bishop Feehan, Attleboro, MA (4th); and Eagles / Barrington, RI (5th).

The boys race saw Christian Stafford of Pembroke, MA come in 4th place and Nick Carleo of Newburyport, MA in 10th, with Titans of Pembroke being the top New England team in 7th place.

At the Foot Locker Northeast Regional Qualifier at Van Cortlandt Park in New York City, Anoush Shehadeh, a junior at Phillips Academy Andover, placed second —  the sole New England association runner to advance as a top 10 finisher. Three runners each from Connecticut and Maine will also go to the 35th annual National meet in San Diego, CA on December 14.


Photo credit:

Anoush Shehadeh of  Phillips Academy Andover places second at the Foot Locker Northeast Regional Qualifier. (Photo credit:


XC Grand Prix – Big Finish On Sunday

Photo Credit: Scott Mason Photography

For some cross country athletes in our association, their season still has some time to go, as many are planning to race at the USATF National Club XC Championships in Bend, Oregon next month. However, the USATF-NE Grand Prix series is coming to a close on Sunday at Franklin Park in Boston with the USATF-NE XC Championship race.

After four events, who is leading the series? Our highlights are below, but the full XC Grand Prix standings to date can be found on our website here. Join us on Sunday at Franklin Park to see how the series plays out. Looking at how close many of the individual/team competitions are in the standings, it should be an exciting race. More information on Sunday’s race can be found here.


Open Teams

The women’s open team competition shows the tightest race, where Greater Boston Track Club (GBTC) and Western Mass Distance Project (WMDP) are tied for first with 45 points each. Millennium Running, a club that just emerged for the last two races, is in third with 25 points.

While the competition isn’t quite as close in the men’s open team scoring, there are still just 15 points separating the first through third place teams. GBTC is in first with 42 points, HFC Striders is in second (32 points) and WMPD rounds out third place (27 points).

Masters – Age Group Teams

The 40+, 50+ and 60+ age group teams also have seen team scoring in the series. WMPD is leading the women’s 40+ teams with 57 points, with Greater Lowell Road Runners (GLRR) and Greater Derry Track Club trailing in second and third respectively. The men’s 40+ teams have a strong top three with HFC, GBTC and GLRR (in that order). Moving up to men’s 50+ teams, we see those same three teams yet again, but in a different order — GLRR leads, with GBTC and HFC trailing.


Open Athletes

Looking at individual performers, GBTC’s Alyson Millett leads the open women competitors — but Caroline Bjune of Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A) is just 14 points behind, and Sydney Fitzpatrick of New Balance Boston (NBB) trails by just three points.

On the men’s open side, WMDP’s Sean Duncan leads with 295 points, despite missing the Mayor’s Cup race. He is followed by the only two male runners over 200 points, both of GBTC – Ryan Irwin and Jonathon Charlesworth.

Masters – Age Group Athletes

HFC Striders is dominating the men’s 40-49 age group athletes, with Jason Cakourus (also USATF-NE XC Chair) leading the group in 355 points. His teammates Phil Parks and Justin Renz follow in second and third in the standings.

The men’s 50-59 age group has three individuals between 300-345 points. While Bob Collins of B.A.A. is currently leading, Dan Verrington of Central Mass Striders (CMS) is on his heels just five points back. GLRR’s Mark Reeder stands strong in third place.

GBTC is claiming the top three spots in the men’s 60+ age group. Bruce Bond (395 points), USATF-NE President Tom Derderian (370 points) and Joel Bargmann (180 points) lead this group.

The women’s 40-49 group has a tight race to the top. Trish Bourne of GLRR and Dana Parrot of WMPD are currently tied for first with 290 points. Karin George of WMPD is in third, not far behind with 270 points.

Anne Hird has a significant lead in the women’s 50-59 age group, with 135 points separating her from the closest runner. GLRR’s Mary Casey-Gorman and WMDP’s Leann Cerpovicz round out the top three in this group.

Mary Sharkey of CMS is the lone 60+ participant, though she has completed all four races in the series thus far.


A Statement from USATF-NE President Tom Derderian

“After the recent Mayor’s Cup cross-country meet, several elected athletes representatives came to the monthly USATF-NE board meeting with observations and suggestions about what happened as the lead pack in the men’s championship race ran loops in a different order. The athletes reps had gathered information from participants about what had happened and their complaints and compliments.  The rule book states that runners can be disqualified if they run short of the official course but nothing about mixing up the order of loops. For the future a decision process will be used that will include some of the provisions in the rule book such as a designated meet director, referee, course marshall, and games committee to adjudicate any unforeseen occurrences.” –  Tom Derderian, USATF-NE President

Refer to page 148 of the rule book for the section mentioned above:

Race Preview: Mayor’s Cup XC

The Mayor’s Cup Cross Country race began in 1990. According to the B.A.A. website, the event has “become one of the premier cross country meets on the East Coast, and has been regarded as an important tune-up for the USA Fall National Club Cross Country Championship.”

Tomorrow, teams and athletes from all over will toe the start line at Franklin Park in Boston for the Mayor’s Cup races. The event features six different races for various ages and abilities, which take off between 10 am and noon ET. There are more than 850 runners entered already, and more than half of those are youth.

The women’s and men’s championship races will look to provide some exciting competition from the club teams participating, as the Mayor’s Cup serves as the fourth of five races in the USATF-NE Grand Prix Cross Country series. The entries so far show a mix of teams from New England and New York coming to race. On the men’s side we expect to see teams on the course from: BAA, GBTC, HFC Striders, New Balance Boston, Community College of RI, Bryn Mawr RC, Central Park TC-New Balance, Pacers/New Balance and Manhattan Aeronauts. The women’s championship race will feature teams from BAA, GBTC, Cambridge RC, Millennium Running, New Balance Boston and Central Park TC -New Balance.

Looking at the teams entered, it will be interesting to see how the New York teams fare at the New England event. Will they outrace the New Englanders on their home turf? And on the women’s side, we’ve recently seen Millenium Running come into the mix, as the New Hampshire based club took the team title at the last USATF-NE Grand Prix race, Wayland XC Festival, beating out WMDP and GBTC.

Any predictions for which teams and individuals will take the top spots tomorrow? We’ll know soon enough. Hope to see you out on the course!




HFC Striders Awarded Grant to Compete at USATF Club XC Nationals

This month, USATF-NE awarded HFC Striders with a grant for the cross country season to assist the team in sending members to compete in the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships in Bend, Oregon on December 14.


Western Mass Distance Project XC Meet – Full Results

Full results below are from the Western Mass Distance Project (WMDP) XC Meet, the second race in the USATF-NE Grand Prix XC series. WMPD won both the men’s and women’s open races, and Greater Boston Track Club (GBTC) took second in both.

Western Mass Distance Project XC Meet – 9/8/2013
Stanley Park Westfield, MA
2013 USATF-NE Grand Prix #2

Event 1 Women 5k
Name Age Team Avg Mile Finals Pts 40+
1 Rocco, Alyse 23 Greater Bost 5:45.9 17:54.53 1
2 McGilpin, Julie 23 Unattached 5:56.0 18:25.79
3 Lesnhardt, Kerri Greater Bost 6:00.8 18:40.70 2
4 Mathews-Hegarty, Meaghan 31 Whirlaway Ra 6:11.0 19:12.45
5 Bjune, Caroline 39 Boston Athle 6:11.4 19:13.79
6 Mahoney, Abby 35 WMDP 6:12.4 19:16.80 3
7 Krause, Ashley 36 WMDP 6:15.8 19:27.47 4
8 Chviruk, Cat 26 Boston Athle 6:16.7 19:30.23
9 Sabadosa, Apryl WMDP 6:19.6 19:39.36 5
10 Cardin, Rachael 22 WMDP 6:24.9 19:55.58 6
11 Rusiecki, Amy 34 WMDP 6:27.4 20:03.45 7
12 Bittermann, Sarah 21 Unattached 6:27.7 20:04.29
13 Bisceglia, Megan Greater Bost 6:28.6 20:07.14 8
14 Bourne, Trish 49 Greater Lowell RR 6:30.6 20:13.44
15 Christoph, Laura 31 WMDP 6:33.3 20:21.68 9
16 Parrot, Dana 43 WMDP 6:37.0 20:33.20 10
17 Sisson, Meghan WMDP 6:50.7 21:15.99
18 Jacobs-Townsley, Sophia 12 WMDP 7:00.8 21:47.17
19 Cohen, Danielle 24 Greater Bost 7:00.9 21:47.56 11
20 Hird, Anne 54 Rmhp 7:08.4 22:10.82
21 Aronson, Janet WMDP 7:10.3 22:16.64 1M
22 Alban, Brianna Greater Bost 7:12.2 22:22.70 12
23 Mirti, Michelle WMDP 7:15.3 22:32.34
24 Queeney, Kate 43 WMDP 7:19.3 22:44.70 2M
25 Diana, Vanessa 43 WMDP 7:27.8 23:11.04 3M
26 Cerpovicz, Leeann 51 WMDP 7:43.1 23:58.76
27 Mogan, Lindsey Waltham Track Club 7:50.6 24:21.86
28 Sharkey, Mary 63 Central Mass 7:51.6 24:25.12
29 Hastings, Cynthia Greater Bost 9:13.1 28:38.16 13

Rank Team Total 1 2 3 4 5 *6 *7
1 Western Mass Distance Proj 25 3 4 5 6 7 9 10
Total Time: 1:38:22.66 Average: 19:40.54
2 Greater Boston Track Club 34 1 2 8 11 12 13
Total Time: 1:40:52.63 Average: 20:10.53

1 Western Mass Distance Project 6 1 2 3
Event 2 Men 8k Run CC Varsity
Name Age Team Avg Mile Finals Pts 40+ 50+
1 Duncan, Sean WMDP 5:05.5 25:18.25 1
2 Quadrozzi, Kevin WMDP 5:11.4 25:47.91 2
3 Irwin, Ryan 29 Greater Bost 5:16.8 26:14.36 3
4 Allan, Charly Greater Bost 5:18.6 26:23.37 4
5 O’Connell, Ryan 22 Unattached 5:20.1 26:30.91
6 Erskine, Andrew New Balance Boston 5:21.9 26:40.13
7 Brandon, Kevin 23 Unattached 5:22.2 26:41.44
8 Weissigner, Mathew 26 WMDP 5:23.7 26:48.96 5
9 Unger, TJ 35 Hfc Striders 5:25.5 26:58.10 6
10 Regnier, Jesse 26 WMDP 5:27.0 27:05.29 7
11 Lewis, Daniel Greater Bost 5:29.4 27:17.05 8
12 Evanter, Caleb Greater Bost 5:31.1 27:25.54 9
13 Carlone, Mike Greater Bost 5:32.7 27:33.74 10
14 Gough, Ryan 29 Greater Lowe 5:33.2 27:36.09
15 Rayner, Kenny Hfc Striders 5:33.5 27:37.58 11
16 Danforth, Lee 35 Hfc Striders 5:35.4 27:47.02 12
17 Reeder, Mark 53 Greater Lowe 5:37.1 27:55.34 1S
18 Kopcsay, James Greater Bost 5:37.5 27:57.36 13
19 Chalmers, Andrew 23 Greater Bost 5:39.4 28:06.75 14
20 Frissora, Anthony WMDP 5:39.5 28:07.65 15
21 Cordero, Ivan 26 WMDP 5:40.5 28:12.39 16
22 Hegarty, Joseph 29 Whirlaway Ra 5:40.9 28:14.50
23 Nedeau, Ethan 40 Central Mass 5:42.0 28:19.81
24 Mahoney, Tim 34 Central Mass 5:43.7 28:28.39
25 Gingras, Philip 26 WMDP 5:46.6 28:42.82 17
26 Burger, Scott 22 Unattached 5:52.4 29:11.52
27 Cakouros, Jason 48 Hfc Striders 5:54.5 29:21.89 18 1M
28 Lynch, Brendan 35 Hfc Striders 5:56.4 29:31.36 19
29 Parsley, Will 51 Hfc Striders 5:57.8 29:38.28 20 2M 2S
30 Canning, Chris 24 Hfc Striders 5:58.2 29:40.48 21
31 Coolong, Adam 21 Unattached 5:59.6 29:47.45
32 Verrington, Dan 41 Central Mass 5:59.8 29:48.31
33 Regan, Patrick WMDP 6:01.3 29:55.94
34 Uzenski, Matthew 31 Greater Bost 6:01.5 29:56.99
35 Haryasz, Daniel 24 Unattached 6:01.7 29:57.72
36 Landry, Rob 44 Greater Spri 6:01.9 29:58.61
37 Collins, Bob 52 Boston Athle 6:04.5 30:11.92
38 Fallon, Jimmy 53 Hfc Striders 6:07.2 30:25.33 3M 3S
39 Lynch, Bob Empire One 6:07.5 30:26.87
40 Parrot, Edward 43 Greater Spri 6:11.9 30:48.46
41 Parks, Phil 47 Hfc Striders 6:12.3 30:50.37 4M
42 Gilfeather, Steven 22 Unattached 6:15.4 31:05.91
43 Barbour, John 59 Greater Lowe 6:27.9 32:07.88 4S
44 Urquiola, Michael 46 Greater Bost 6:30.1 32:18.77
45 Menard, Dave 47 Boston Athle 6:30.7 32:22.14
46 Dixon, William 66 Greater Lowe 6:33.1 32:33.68 5S
47 Mitchell, Chas 24 Greater Bost 6:36.1 32:48.59
48 Ross, Ken 51 Greater Bost 6:42.2 33:18.94 6S
49 Emmendorf, Joe 48 Unattached 6:48.5 33:50.55
50 Bond, Bruce 61 Greater Bost 6:53.6 34:15.77 7S 1V
51 Auskern, Barry 53 Greater Spri 7:02.4 34:59.43
52 Kakos, Pete Unattached 7:11.7 35:45.87
53 Bargmann, Joel 61 Greater Bost 7:20.5 36:29.66 8S 2V
54 Fuller, John 26 Unattached 7:32.2 37:27.81
55 Stocker, Wayne 59 Greater Spri 7:33.0 37:31.47
56 Swistak, Julian 52 Unattached 7:33.4 37:33.69
57 Derderian, Tom 64 Greater Bost 7:43.6 38:24.45 9S 3V
58 Lynch, Matt 54 Hfc Striders 8:00.6 39:48.96 5M 10S
59 Pitoniak, Steve 42 Unattached 8:10.4 40:37.69
60 Guiel, Jeff 47 Unattached 8:16.5 41:08.08
61 Brady, Benjamin 34 Unattached 9:15.3 46:00.00
Rank Team Total 1 2 3 4 5 *6 *7
1 Western Mass Distance Proj 30 1 2 5 7 15 16 17
Total Time: 2:13:08.06 Average: 26:37.62
2 Greater Boston Track Club 34 3 4 8 9 10 13 14
Total Time: 2:14:54.07 Average: 26:58.82
3 Hfc Striders 66 6 11 12 18 19 20 21
Total Time: 2:21:15.95 Average: 28:15.19

1 Hfc Striders 15 1 2 3 4 5

50+ (3 score)
1 Gr.Lowell Roadrunners 10 1 4 5
2 HFC Striders 15 2 3 10
3 Greater Boston TC 21 6 7 8 (9)

60+ (3 score)
1 Greater Boston TC 6 1 2 3


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