While the USATF NE Grand Prix is on people’s minds, I would like to solicit input on a few topics as we plan for 2013 and beyond. I will post a question each week (in no particular order of importance) for the next few weeks to allow time for people to respond. All participants of road races are welcome to respond, not just Grand Prix athletes.

Question 1: Should a spring or summer marathon be part of a USATF NE Grand Prix?

We have traditionally ended every Grand Prix in the fall with the marathon distance. If we were to receive bids and schedule a marathon in the spring or summer, how much time would you suggest between that event and the next Grand Prix race? What distance(s) should immediately follow? What distances should precede? The inclusion of a spring marathon could seriously affect the Grand Prix layout of races, but could also allow inclusion of shorter races in November and December, which does not happen now. Please also remember our Ironrunners, the people who complete all seven races of the series. Typically, the marathon is the single event that determines who remains a Grand Prix Ironrunner. Many runners build confidence as they progress through the year and then commit to the marathon to achieve Ironrunner status. Do you think a mid-Grand Prix series marathon would lower the amount of Ironrunners for a given year?

Please respond either through this posting on facebook, or email me at ldoucett@usatfne.org.


Lisa Doucett,

Chair, Women’s LDR