adidas athlete Morgan Uceny

Morgan Uceny Looks Ahead to Outdoor Season After Placing 7th in U.S. Indoor Championships Mile

By: John Oleski, Vice President, USATF-NE

Morgan Uceny of Boston, running for adidas, raced from the front in the Women’s 1 Mile Run at the USATF Indoor Track & Field Championships in Boston. Running slightly to the outside, she shared the lead through the first 6 laps as she clocked 1:12.2 at the quarter mile and 2:26.1 at the half. Over the last 300 meters, Uceny progressively slipped and ultimately dropped to 7th place, finishing in 4:38.13.

Afterwards, she was unhappy with her race. She said she hadn’t necessarily planned to run from the front but she felt the pace was slow. She questioned whether she should have responded more aggressively to Shannon Rowbury’s move to the lead, saying “once you get behind, it’s harder to make it up.” She stated that she is coming out of an injured phase, is finally healthy and is optimistic about the outdoor season.

adidas athlete Morgan Uceny

adidas athlete Morgan Uceny

Carly Muscaro of Merrimack College

Merrimack College’s Muscaro Places 8th in USATF Indoor Championships 300 Meter Dash

By: John Oleski, Vice President, USATF-NE

Carly Muscaro of Merrimack College

Carly Muscaro, a 19 year-old sophomore at Merrimack College, ran in the first heat of the Women’s 300 Meter Dash at the USATF Indoor Track & Field Championships at the Reggie Lewis Center earlier today.

Going against professional runners, Natasha Hastings of Under Armour / NYAC and Jernail Hayes of Brooks, Carly ran well. She was out fast, showed good drive throughout the race and finished 3rd in an impressive 39.12. Overall she was 8th as the top 6 made finals.

Carly ran at Ashland H.S. and in the year and a half since high school her improvement has been amazing. At Ashland she barely ran 60 seconds to the 400m, yet last year as a freshman set Merrimack’s 400m outdoor record with a blazing 53.43. She also qualified for both the NCAA Division II indoor and outdoor championships – the first Merrimack athlete ever to qualify for nationals.

She says that every race is nerve-wracking and it is a fight to stay focused and confident, especially as a self-described “baby” on the big stage of a USA national championship.

Nonetheless, she displays strong desire and ambition as she declares that she is going after a win in two weeks at the NCAA DII championships at University of Alabama at Huntsville.


Muscaro was up against professional athletes, including Jernail Hayes (left) and Natasha Hastings (right) at the US Indoor Championships

Muscaro competed alongside professional athletes, including Jernail Hayes (left) and Natasha Hastings (right), at the USATF Indoor Championships

Five College Realtors 10M (2015 GP Race #1) Members ranked by AG%

Five College Realtors 10M – February 22, 2015 – 2015 GP Race #1
These age-graded results of USATF-NE members utilize the new 2015 tables published by the WMA in late January 2015. There are considerable changes on the women’s side, especially over age 55 and for the 5K and marathon, which will bring down some values by up to 5%.

Changes on the men’s side are in the 1% range. Corollary is that open runners will now appear higher in the rankings than the past five years.
Over 350 USATF members competed in this race and a good number of pre-entries did not get to the start due to the weather (and injuries).

At bottom of these results are those non-members scoring over 70%.  If you see someone in that section who you believe is a member, let them know they probably haven’t renewed for 2015.

Plc  Name                  Club                     GunTime   S Age DvPl ChipTime  AG %    AGPl Bib
354  Jan Holmquist         Whirlaway Racing Team     1:21:41  F 70  1     1:21:36  91.45%  1    551
157  William Dixon         Greater Lowell RR         1:05:16  M 67  1     1:05:11  89.14%  2    438
59   Robert Cipriano       Somerville Road Runners     58:48  M 55  1       58:47  87.54%  3    592
225  Susan Hackney         Green Mountain AA         1:11:25  F 58  1     1:11:17  87.13%  4    218
1    Eric Ashe             BAA                         50:34  M 26  1       50:34  87.00%  5    664
2    Ruben Sanca           Whirlaway Racing Team       50:35  M 28  2       50:35  86.99%  6    557
4    Matt Pelletier        UNATTACHED                  51:24  M 35  3       51:24  86.35%  8    729
42   Christopher Lawrence  BAA                         57:43  M 51  1       57:43  86.30%  9    670
11   Christopher Magill    BAA                         54:10  M 42  1       54:10  85.20%  10   673
278  Elizabeth Cooney      Somerville Road Runners   1:15:50  F 60  1     1:15:45  84.38%  11   583
5    Dan Vassallo          Central Mass Striders       52:16  M 29  4       52:16  84.19%  12   321
112  Craig Fram            Whirlaway Racing Team     1:02:01  M 56  2     1:01:58  84.10%  13   568
52   Wayne Levy            BAA                         58:30  M 49  5       58:27  84.00%  14   671
106  Douglas Martyn        Whirlaway Racing Team     1:01:44  M 54  7     1:01:43  83.35%  16   566
40   Joe Shairs            Central Mass Striders       57:36  M 46  2       57:35  83.21%  17   325
79   Charlie Bemis         Whirlaway Racing Team     1:00:22  M 52  3     1:00:20  83.20%  18   564
221  Lisa Zappala          Whirlaway Racing Team     1:11:11  F 54  2     1:11:06  83.09%  19   549
96   Michael Cooney        Whirlaway Racing Team     1:01:05  M 53  5     1:01:02  83.00%  20   718
149  Norm Larson           Green Mountain AA         1:04:31  M 59  6     1:04:29  82.87%  21   257
69   Laura Paulsen         Greater Boston TC           59:35  F 25  1       59:35  82.82%  22   520
92   Daniel Verrington     Central Mass Striders     1:00:54  M 52  4     1:00:52  82.80%  23   329
70   Kerri Leonhardt       Greater Boston TC           59:45  F 25  2       59:42  82.67%  24   172
135  Patrick Stumbras      BAA                       1:04:11  M 57  5     1:04:02  82.51%  25   696
37   Greg Putnam           Central Mass Striders       57:24  M 45  1       57:24  82.48%  26   326
7    Jeffrey Veiga         Team RUN                    53:27  M 24  5       53:27  82.32%  27   734
17   Patrick Rich          Central Mass Striders       54:44  M 38  12      54:44  82.15%  28   366
75   Alexandra Varanka     NB Boston                 1:00:08  F 29  3     1:00:08  82.09%  29   730
8    Aliaksandr Leuchanka  Millennium Running          53:37  M 23  6       53:37  82.07%  30   607
119  Paul Hammond          Whirlaway Racing Team     1:02:50  M 55  3     1:02:46  82.01%  31   567
256  Jacqueline Shakar     Cambridge Sports Union    1:13:28  F 55  2     1:13:24  81.96%  32   310
49   Binney Mitchell       Green Mountain AA           58:19  M 46  4       58:17  81.87%  33   300
138  Christin Doneski      Whirlaway Racing Team     1:04:17  F 43  1     1:04:16  81.87%  34   546
80   Laura Hagley          Millennium Running        1:00:25  F 30  4     1:00:25  81.75%  35   384
77   Alejandro Heuck       Gr Springfield Harriers   1:00:21  M 50  2     1:00:21  81.73%  36   530
9    Jose Ortiz            Whirlaway Racing Team       53:52  M 26  7       53:52  81.68%  37   554
124  Tony Bates            Green Mountain AA         1:03:29  M 55  4     1:03:27  81.64%  38   641
10   Brad Mish             BAA                         53:58  M 27  8       53:58  81.54%  39   697
48   Todd Callaghan        Central Mass Striders       58:12  M 45  3       58:10  81.50%  40   328
44   Joseph Navas          Whirlaway Racing Team       57:50  M 44  3       57:50  81.19%  42   562
93   Elizabeth Ryan        Greater Boston TC         1:00:54  F 24  5     1:00:51  81.10%  43   108
13   Mathew Weissinger     Western Mass Dist Proj      54:16  M 28  9       54:16  81.09%  44   294
94   Nicole Casey          Greater Boston TC         1:00:55  F 29  6     1:00:53  81.06%  45   255
107  Joseph Mcnamara       Green Mountain AA         1:01:49  M 51  8     1:01:47  81.06%  46   371
14   Scott Leslie          Central Mass Striders       54:28  M 33  10      54:28  81.04%  47   322
104  Katie Misuraca        BAA                       1:01:32  F 34  8     1:01:27  80.93%  49   676
58   Jason Porter          BAA                         58:44  M 45  6       58:39  80.72%  51   678
326  Sidney Letendre       Central Mass Striders     1:19:28  F 60  2     1:19:23  80.71%  52   467
16   Drew Best             acidotic RACING             54:39  M 32  11      54:39  80.65%  54   353
97   Scott Anderson        Whirlaway Racing Team     1:01:14  M 50  6     1:01:14  80.58%  55   563
100  Christine Shaw        Millennium Running        1:01:20  F 29  7     1:01:19  80.48%  56   386
193  James Wilson          BAA                       1:08:44  M 62  1     1:08:36  80.45%  57   684
71   Joseph O'leary        Somerville Road Runners     59:53  M 47  7       59:51  80.39%  58   582
105  Meagan Nedlo          Craft Concept Racing      1:01:41  F 32  9     1:01:41  80.26%  59   749
220  Trish Bourne          Greater Lowell RR         1:11:07  F 50  1     1:11:02  79.94%  60   403
122  E J Hrynowski         Greater Lowell RR         1:03:02  M 52  9     1:02:58  79.90%  61   427

USATF-NE Grand Prix Road Race Series – Public Safety / Weather Emergency Guidelines

Cancellations: A minimum of 24 hours’ notice must be given to the USATF-NE Office and LDR Chairs:

  • If the race director of a scheduled Grand Prix Road Race cancels the race, it will be removed from the series. If the race is postponed and held at another time, it will not be included in the series or scored.
  • If any state governor, public safety officer or other designated emergency personnel of a USATF-NE member state closes the roads, bans travel or otherwise prevents people from a wider geographic area to attend a scheduled Grand Prix Road Race, it will be deemed not a Grand Prix event and not scored even if the race location has no emergency status itself and the race is held.


Adjusting start time(s) to accommodate weather/safety situations: A minimum of 36 hours’ notice must be given to the USATF-NE Office and LDR Chairs if time is to be adjusted earlier than originally posted. Delays may be announced on the day of the event.

  • A race director may adjust Grand Prix Road Race start time(s) for the race while keeping it on its scheduled date in the interest of safety and/or weather related situations. The race will be scored as a Grand Prix event.
Three of NE's Marathon OT qualifiers had a fun Q&A with President Tom Derderian about what it takes to train and compete at a high level.

Recap of the Fourth Annual USATF-NE Awards Banquet

The fourth annual USATF-New England Awards Banquet was held on Saturday, January 17, 2015 at Montvale Plaza in Stoneham MA. The evening kicked off with a cocktail hour and passed appetizers, followed by dinner with guest speakers and awards. USATF-NE President Tom Derderian called up a few of Olympic Trials qualifiers from the association for a fun Q&A. And of course the program featured the much-anticipated awards presentation recognizing the Runners, Road Race, Off Road Race, Club and Race Director of the Year for 2014. Special awards also included acknowledgment to some of the top participants and contributors to the association and sport.

The following 2014 Award Winners were announced:

  • Dan Vassallo, Central Mass Striders – Male Runner of the Year
  • Denise Sandahl, Millennium Running – Female Runner of the Year
  • Central Mass Striders – Club of the Year
  • Boston Marathon – Road Race of the Year
  • Loon Mountain Race – Off-Road Race of the Year
  • 24 Hour Ultra Around the Lake – Ultra Race of the Year
  • Glenn Stewart, Baystate Marathon – Race Director of the Year

Congrats to all and thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for candidates! Check out the photos below, courtesy of USATF-NE Treasurer Stephen Peckiconis.

Three of NE's Marathon OT qualifiers had a fun Q&A with President Tom Derderian about what it takes to train and compete at a high level.

Three of NE’s Marathon OT qualifiers had a fun Q&A with President Tom Derderian about what it takes to train and compete at a high level

Female Runner of the Year: Denise Sandahl

Female Runner of the Year: Denise Sandahl

Male Runner of the Year: Dan Vassallo

Male Runner of the Year: Dan Vassallo

The winning GBTC women's team at the Warrior Run. Photo by GreaterSnap

2014 XC Grand Prix Wrap-up

By: Kate canadian pharmacies with free cialis Queeney, USATF-NE XC Committee Member


The 2014 USATF-NE Cross Country Grand Prix wrapped up on November 30 with the Warrior Run at Larz Anderson Park. This race was a fitting cap to the season—a little mud, a little ice, and yet more toilet drama (locked bathrooms). Full individual and team results are here.

David Wilson, running unattached, put his stamp on the series with a decisive 31-second win over Jonathan Charlesworth of Greater Boston Track Club. David ran all five races in the series and won 2 of them en route to his 2014 title. In the open men’s team race, GBTC took 6 of the 7 top spots to score a convincing win that secured their overall series championship. T. J. Unger of HFC Striders was the only team runner to break up that GBTC pack, leading his men’s team to 2nd. The men from SISU Project, in their first year of fielding a full team in this division, took 3rd in this race but ended up 2nd in the overall series, 2 points ahead of HFC. I smell a rematch in 2015.

On the women’s side, Elizabeth Ryan of GBTC led her team to a near sweep, finishing the 2.8 miles of fun in 17:52. Seven

The winning GBTC women's team at the Warrior Run. Photo by GreaterSnap

The winning GBTC women’s team at the Warrior Run. Photo by GreaterSnap

seconds behind Elizabeth was her teammate Caroline Martin, who with 2nd place in this event rounded out her decisive win in the overall series. Greater Boston won the Grand Prix decisively, finishing ahead of Western Mass Distance Project in all five races in the series. The women of WMDP echoed their 2nd place series finish with a 2nd at the Warrior Run as well, this time led by newcomer Joanna Johnson in 4th place. The women of SISU Project followed team leader Amanda Wright (6th) to a 3rd place finish, ending up 5th in the Grand Prix behind teams from the BAA and New Balance Boston, both of whom contested only the Mayor’s Cup and the USATF-NE Championship.

Jason Cakouros of HFC Striders finished first among the masters men to lead his team to the 40+ win, no doubt inspired by the cheering he did during his warm-up as the women rounded the “egregious” hill on the large loop. HFC claimed the Grand Prix series win in this division as well. The 40+ men of GBTC took 2nd place at the Warrior Run but placed 4th in the overall series, as Greater Lowell held onto a 2nd place tie with BAA in the series despite not fielding a scoring team at this final race.

As previously predicted in this blog, Mark Reeder of Greater Lowell showed up to put the icing on his Grand Prix series title in the 50+ division, even though no teams fielded a full team in this category, perhaps because Greater Lowell already had the series sewn up. The 60+ men from GBTC won that team race uncontested and claimed a decisive Grand Prix victory; the only race they didn’t score in (and win) was, ironically, their own meet at the start of the season. Bruce Bond of GBTC stands atop the 60+ podium in the Grand Prix series after scoring in all 5 races; Bruce finished 2nd in this division at the Warrior Run to James Wilson of the BAA.

Trish Bourne of Greater Lowell also passed up the chance to savor her 50+ series win from the warmth and comfort of home, leading all Masters women at the Warrior Run as her Greater Lowell team took 2nd in the 40+ division and won the 50+ team race as well. The 40+ women from WMDP followed the lead of Dana Parrot, who finished as the 2nd masters woman 26 seconds behind Trish, to win the 40+ team race and secure their Grand Prix title in that division. Dana successfully defended her individual 2013 Grand Prix title in the 40+ division as well. The women from Greater Derry Track Club, led by Cathy Merra, came in 3rd in the 40+ competition and 2nd in the 50+ team race to cement their Grand Prix title in the 50+ division and a runner-up position in the 40+ division.

Full team and individual results for the entire Cross Country Grand Prix series can be found here.

The Cross Country Committee, chaired in the early part of the year by Jason Cakouros (HFC) and now captained by Chris Canning (HFC), would like to thank all who participated. Comments and feedback on the series are always welcome, and we look forward to seeing you next fall!

2014 Grand Prix Team Award Money

This table is copied from an Excel pivot table created by the Treasurer to generate check amounts to be paid to each club scoring in the 2014 Grand Prix series. (Excel generates the top row numbers in a random order)  It takes all the individual team sections (M/F by Open/40/50/60/70) and sums across them by Club. Looking at the first line for Whirlaway, you will see 600 under the 200 column and 350 under the 350 column. That implies that WRT won three $200 awards and one $350 award. See the GP web pages for the team prize breakdown in each age group.  Total Prize money purse in 2014 is targeted at $8,000.  Ties inflate the total as both teams get the higher amount.

It is offered as just one way of thinking about which club won the Overall team title across all age groups.  You could say that money talks.


CLUB 75 100 125 150 175 400 250 200 350 300 50 Total
Whirlaway Racing Team 250 600 350 300 1,500
Central Mass Striders 300 400 250 200 1,150
Somerville Road Runners 125 300 200 300 925
Greater Lowell Road Runners 200 375 300 875
Western Mass Distance Project 175 200 350 725
Gate City Striders 75 300 150 50 575
Greater Boston Track Club 500 500
Millennium Running 400 400
Boston Athletic Association 175 200 375
Green Mountain Athletic Assoc 100 125 150 375
North Shore Striders 100 125 225
SISU Project 125 125
Cambridge Sports Union 100 100
Gr Springfield Harriers 100 100
New England 65+ 50 50
Heartbreak Hill Striders 50 50



Heading into the XC Grand Prix Finale

By: Kate Queeney, USATF-NE XC Committee Member

As visions of turkey, a possible winter storm and Mass Pike traffic dance in the heads of runners across the region, New England’s harriers are gearing up for the final race in the 2014 Cross Country Grand Prix series, the Warrior Run on Sunday, Nov. 30 at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, MA.

At the fourth race in the series, the USATF-NE Championships at Franklin Park on Nov. 9, the men and women of the BAA showed that unicorns aren’t afraid to get their hooves dirty. Team and individual results from this race are nicely summarized on the USATF-NE website.

A look at both team and individual standings in the Grand Prix shows that some races will indeed come down to this final contest—or, as Patty Smyth once put it, “And heart to heart you’ll win, if you survive the warrior.” On the men’s side, GBTC has a healthy lead, but should the unicorns or the team from New Balance Boston choose to race outside Franklin Park, things could get interesting. Right now 2nd through 6th places (BAA, SISU, NBB, WMDP and HFC) are each separated by 1 point. In the open women’s team competition, GBTC holds a healthy lead over 2nd place WMDP and 3rd place BAA. The women of GBTC have won every head-to-head contest with WMDP during the series, these two teams being the only ones to have scored in all 4 events so far.

At the masters level, both the men’s and women’s races are too close to call. The men of HFC hold a 2-point lead over the masters squad from GLRR, with BAA again making an appearance in the top 3 by virtue of only two (dominant) team performances at Mayor’s Cup and the New England Championships. On the women’s side, WMDP took the series lead after winning a squeaker over Liberty at the New England Championships, but both the Hot Flashes of GDTC and the masters women of GLRR are still in contention for the series. Both the 50+ (GLRR) and 60+ (GBTC) men’s team competitions appear to be settled already, and while GDTC leads the 50+ women’s competition, GLRR is still a serious contender in 2nd place. Individual leaders Mark Reeder (50-59) and Trish Bourne (50-59), both of GLRR, have sewn up their respective divisions and could choose to stay home Sunday, though we suspect they won’t. In all other divisions the title could come down to who chooses to stay safe and warm this Sunday, and who chooses to get up early and make the drive to Brookline, knowing that a trip home with a few thousand other Commonwealthers awaits.

If the prospect of forgoing other Turkey Trots and couch-dwelling doesn’t entice you, perhaps this description of the Larz Anderson course—courtesy of HFC’s Jason Cakouros, former XC Committee Chair—will:

“. . .brutally hilly. The grass always seems really high too. . . The first loop is rolling to fast. The other loop has a big grass uphill, grass downhill, an egregious hill around a row of trees and monument thingy seemingly run just to torture us and then a gradual grass climb back to the fun loop.”

If that doesn’t sound like fun to you, you’re reading the wrong blog. Happy Thanksgiving from the USATF-NE Cross Country committee, and we look forward to seeing you in Brookline, where unicorns, wolves, chickens and mascots of unknown identity will seek to answer Patty Smyth’s plaintive query: “Who’s the hunter, who’s the game?”

Jenkins & Doneski Excel on All Terrain, Coming Out on Top in First Annual ATR Series

In 2014, USATF-NE launched a new sort of series, the All Terrain Runner (ATR) series. And it’s pretty much what it sounds like; it challenges runners to compete on a variety of terrain – the roads, mountains, trails, cross country courses and the outdoor track.

The series was the brainchild of Eric Narcisi, the 2014 USATF-NE secretary, Whirlaway Racing Team member and web producer over at Level Renner. Following the culmination of this new series, Narcisi feels it was a “huge success,” stating that “I had so many people tell me that they were experiencing different disciplines for the first time.” For instance, the series winner on the women’s side, Christin Doneski, told him that she had never run a track or cross country race before. “Yet because of this series, there she was, in unfamiliar territory but in a familiar position (in front of the pack),” he added. The men’s series champion, Nate Jenkins, is known for his road dominance, said Narcisi, “but there he was back in May trudging the Vermont mud at Sleepy Hollow.” And at the Loon Mountain Race in July, Jenkins went head to head with some of the finest mountain runners not just in the region, but in the nation.

Ultimately, Narcisi said that the series is all about getting people out of their comfort zones and experiencing more of what the association has to offer. “We anticipate many more people stepping out of their comfort zones and putting themselves to the ultimate test in 2015,” he added. “I, for one, can’t wait to line up with the rest of the All Terrain hopefuls this winter on the indoor track to kick off the new series.”

As many runners prepare for the second edition of the ATR series, which will include an indoor track and a snowshoe race, we caught up with the 2014 series champions.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:


Jenkins of Central Mass Striders, who made it a goal to win the first annual series and plans to compete again in 2015, said the series was fun and unique, adding that “it is a great way to try and draw together the very varied and often very separate areas of USATF-NE.” While he’s not all that excited about the snowshoe race in the second series, Jenkins admits “that is kind of the point of the series, isn’t it?” Who knows? Maybe he will excel at snowshoeing just like he did at mountain running in 2014, something he doesn’t consider himself the biggest fan of.

Doneski of Whirlaway Racing Team reported that the series pushed her to try new things all while enjoying the company of the series participants, which she described as “a really supportive, genuine group of runners who wanted to race hard but also laugh and have some fun.”  While she wasn’t expecting to win this year and doesn’t expect to win next year either, Doneski shared that she’s in an interesting point in her running career. “My road race PRs are most likely behind me, but I feel I can still get better, stronger and faster in the endurance and adversity-based races: mountains, trails and ultras.” Her ultimate goal is to grow old still running races and pushing herself to try new things and to keep setting new goals.

Both runners had a tough time picking their favorite series race; though the men’s winner enjoyed the mountain and track racing the most. The women’s winner said her initial favorite that comes to mind was Sleepy Hollow. “It’s so hard in so many ways; the course is super challenging (which I love) and the conditions are so unpredictable (2013 was dry and fast and 2014 was very wet and muddy and really tough), and it’s right after Boston,” she said.  “However, I also loved Loon.  Again, it’s a challenging course, but I spent a full year from 2013 to 2014 regretting that I did not run all the way up Upper Walking Boss.  I was looking forward to racing this year and redeeming myself.” Doneski happily reported that she did not walk a single step this year.

Photo Credit: SNAPacidotic

So, where can we expect to see these two competing in 2015? Jenkins shared with us that he has fortunately made some progress in fixing his long-standing coordination issues in his right leg, so his top goal for next year is to continue that progress all the way to a return to the marathon – something he hasn’t done since the World Championships in 2009. His second goal is to run an Olympic Trials Qualifier, with a third goal of achieving a personal record at any distance.  “I haven’t set one since back surgery in early 2011,” he added.  Jenkins’ final two main goals will be to win the ATR series and the USATF- NE Grand Prix.

Doneski currently has her 2015 calendar clear, but knows she’ll be looking to run the USATF-NE Grand Prix as well for Whirlaway, noting those dates will go on the calendar first.  Then she will look to the Mountain Series and the ATR and see how those dates match up with her other races and her family plans.  “And of course there is still that desire to run an ultra, but that might need to wait for my children to need me less and I am in no hurry for that,” she said.

Lastly, Jenkins shared that the ATR series represents something he’d like to see more of from USATF-NE – trying new things. “Will everything be a hit or a win?” he asked. “Heck no, but anything is better than nothing.”


Photo Credit: Jimmy Shelton of Greater Lowell RR

Ruben Sanca’s Take on the 2014 Grand Prix

Yesterday, we heard from the USATF-NE Road Racing Grand Prix series female open winner Denise Sandahl of Millennium Running. Today, Whirlaway’s Ruben Sanca shares with us his thoughts on the 2014 series and the role it serves in his overall racing goals.

After joining the Whirlaway Racing Team, Sanca says he developed a new approach on how to meticulously plan his racing schedule so that both his team and individual goals were maximized. “Thankfully, the Grand Prix bid selection committee did a great job in creating opportunities for mutual success,” he said.

While he sat out the 5 miler to recover from a shin injury and decided to opt out of the marathon as he was training for the Twin Cities Marathon instead, looking back at the Grand Prix races he competed in, Sanca reports that “By far, the New Bedford Half Marathon has been my favorite race on the circuit. Dan McCarthy and his staff have done an outstanding job of embedding the race into the culture of the city of New Bedford. From organizational and logistical standpoints, there are very few or almost no noticeable hiccups. Crowd support is amazing and even the city mayor is involved. The welcoming atmosphere in New Bedford is like no other I have seen in local New England races. From year to year, the race is consistently well organized and I personally make a note to run it every year.”

Photo Credit: Jimmy Shelton of Greater Lowell RR

Photo Credit: Jimmy Shelton of Greater Lowell RR

Throughout the series, Sanca says that he was challenged by various teams and individuals. However, the orange singlets from Team RUN kept him on his toes, as he learned to stay mentally composed to confront the unpredictability of that team’s athletes.  And while he hasn’t formalized his 2015 racing plans just yet, the Whirlaway athlete looks forward to seeing the 2015 Grand Prix series, hoping to populate his racing calendar with most of its events, as he states “the blend in race distances creates an intriguing year of racing for any athlete.”

Not too far from taking the open male team title in this year’s series (finishing a close third), Sanca says that Whirlaway is certainly looking to be an improved team and in contention again for the overall title in 2015. Sanca personally looks to maximize his performance in each Grand Prix race next year, even if it means getting an extra point for the team. While he will be racing all distances, his eye is on attaining the Olympic “B” standard in the marathon.


* Thank you, Ruben, for participating in the Grand Prix series and sharing your feedback. Best of luck as you work toward your 2015 racing goals!



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