This month, USATF-NE awarded HFC Striders with a grant for the cross country season to assist the team in sending members to compete in the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships in Bend, Oregon on December 14.

In reaction to receiving the grant, HFC Striders Coach Jimmy Fallon said “Great! Now we can start planning for Bend. Gather the troops!” Jason Cakouros, USATF-NE Cross Country Chair and HFC Striders member, added: “This now allows some of our guys that were on the fence [to compete at XC Club Nationals] to book their trips. We hope to augment the grant by winning some XC Grand Prix prize money.”
Association President Tom Derderian expressed his thoughts on the grant program assisting the local club. “HFC with their green uniforms have been showing up and racing for years in New England and national championships,” Derderian said. “HFC is not afraid to go up against the best teams in the country. That spirit is the essence of club and team competition so USATF-NE is happy to help HFC take their team to race just about as far away as you can get, Bend, Oregon.”
Founded in 1972, HFC Striders’ club name originates from a remark a runner used to make when asked how he felt after a good, hard work out, according to the club’s website. We wish the club our best as they are “Hurtin’ for Certain'” out out the course in Bend this December!