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2013 Outdoor Open Championship Top Performers

The 2013 USATF New England Open Championship Top Performers

(Top performers are scored for the available prize money according to the Championship Prize Structure information.)

2013 Outdoor Grand Prix Winners: Murphy (NBB) and Engel (GBTC)

The winner of the men’s 2013 Outdoor Open Track and Field Grand Prix is Alexander Engel (Greater Boston Track Club) with points total of 3801.

The winner of the women’s 2013 Outdoor Open Track and Field Grand Prix is Joanna Murphy (New Balance Boston), with points total of 4159.


Congratulations to these athletes for a great 2013 outdoor season!


Final 2013 Outdoor Grand Prix Series Scores


2013 NE Outdoor TF Open and Masters Championship Results

The first weekend of summer proved itself with high temperatures and sunny skies. The 2013 USATF New England Outdoor Track and Field Open and Masters Championships meet was held today at Regis College in Weston, MA.

Final results with age groups and team scores will be posted on the main page by end of the first business day.

Printable Results

Joanna Murphy (NBB) pulls ahead in Outdoor Grand Prix Series

After competing at USATF Outdoor National Championships, Joanna Murphy (New Balance Boston) pulls ahead in the USATF NE Outdoor Grand Prix Series with a total of 4159 points. Yesterday, Murphy ran 10:25.96 in the Women’s 3000m Steeplechase. The womens’ Grand Prix scores can still change from performances at this Sunday’s USATF NE Championship.

David Chorney (BAA) still leads the men’s Outdoor Grand Prix with the remaining USATF NE Championship capstone performance to be completed on Sunday. Five New England men are in the running for the win, which will be determined at Regis.

Current Grand Prix Series scores

Grand Prix sign up and performance submission deadline is June 22 at 12p: sign-up now!


Interesting finish developing for Outdoor Grand Prix

The 2013 Outdoor Grand Prix is coming to an interesting and exciting finish.

On the men’s side, the top five participants are separated by less than 200 points. The final and required capstone performance at the USATF NE Outdoor Championships (or USATF National Championships) will determine the winner and recipient of the $300 prize money.

On the women’s side, several of the top scorers have obtained a capstone performance via the USATF NE 10k Track Championship event hosted at the New Balance Boston Twilight Meet #2. However, any of those women can better their score by competing on Sunday at the NE Championship meet and perform higher. Additionally, any woman who has only three performances and not yet a capstone performance, will need to complete their score by competing at the NE Championships (or the USATF National Championships).

Come to the meet on Sunday June 23rd at Regis College in Weston to watch the final results unfold!


Athletes can still Sign Up for the Outdoor Grand Prix and Report their Performances by Saturday June 22nd 12p. Click here for Complete Rules. View the Current Scores.

Outdoor Open and Masters Championship pre-entry deadline @11:59p

The Pre-meet entry closes tonight (6/19) at 11:59p for the 2013 USATF NE Outdoor Open and Master’s Championship Meet.

The meet at Regis College in Weston is this Sunday June 23rd.

Non-USATF members that are collegiate athletes can enter (via mail-in form or day-of entry).


Sign up now, as not all events are available day-of the meet. Also, day-of entries are $10 more for the first event and close at 11a on June 23rd.

View Entries Status.

View Meet Schedule.


The 2013 New England Championship Meet is offering up to $1000 in total prize money. For details, view the Prize Money Information.

Also, the NE Championship Meet is the required capstone meet for the 2013 Outdoor Grand Prix Series. View Current Scores.

2013 Outdoor Grand Prix Scores – As of 6/13/2013

The men’s top scorer for the 2013 Outdoor Open Track and Field Grand Prix is David Chorney (Boston Athletic Association) with points total of 2896.

The women’s top scorer for the 2013 Outdoor Open Track and Field Grand Prix is Sydney Fitzpatrick (New Balance Boston), with points total of 4037.

Full Grand Prix Scores

The Overall Outdoor Open Track and Field Performance Lists are also updated as of 6/13/2013.

Outdoor Open T&F Performance List – As of 6/13/2013

Full Outdoor Open Performance List



Outdoor Open T&F Performance List – As of 6/5/2013

Full Outdoor Open Performance List

Outdoor T&F Grand Prix Rules Update

The 2013 USATF-NE Outdoor Track and Field Grand Prix Rules have been updated to include Grand Prix scoring of the USATF East Region Championship Meet on June 15 at Icahn Stadium.

Outside of the required meet (refer to complete rules), the remaining three USATF- NE Association approved meets can be any meet that can be used to qualify for entry into the USATF National Outdoor Championships, AND is open to Open Track and Field athletes, AND is within a New England Association state; OR the USATF East Region Championship meet.

For full details, see the complete Grand Prix Rules.

Click here for current Grand Prix Scores.

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