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Jenkins & Doneski Excel on All Terrain, Coming Out on Top in First Annual ATR Series

In 2014, USATF-NE launched a new sort of series, the All Terrain Runner (ATR) series. And it’s pretty much what it sounds like; it challenges runners to compete on a variety of terrain – the roads, mountains, trails, cross country courses and the outdoor track.

The series was the brainchild of Eric Narcisi, the 2014 USATF-NE secretary, Whirlaway Racing Team member and web producer over at Level Renner. Following the culmination of this new series, Narcisi feels it was a “huge success,” stating that “I had so many people tell me that they were experiencing different disciplines for the first time.” For instance, the series winner on the women’s side, Christin Doneski, told him that she had never run a track or cross country race before. “Yet because of this series, there she was, in unfamiliar territory but in a familiar position (in front of the pack),” he added. The men’s series champion, Nate Jenkins, is known for his road dominance, said Narcisi, “but there he was back in May trudging the Vermont mud at Sleepy Hollow.” And at the Loon Mountain Race in July, Jenkins went head to head with some of the finest mountain runners not just in the region, but in the nation.

Ultimately, Narcisi said that the series is all about getting people out of their comfort zones and experiencing more of what the association has to offer. “We anticipate many more people stepping out of their comfort zones and putting themselves to the ultimate test in 2015,” he added. “I, for one, can’t wait to line up with the rest of the All Terrain hopefuls this winter on the indoor track to kick off the new series.”

As many runners prepare for the second edition of the ATR series, which will include an indoor track and a snowshoe race, we caught up with the 2014 series champions.

Photo Credit: LevelRenner.com

Photo Credit: LevelRenner.com


Jenkins of Central Mass Striders, who made it a goal to win the first annual series and plans to compete again in 2015, said the series was fun and unique, adding that “it is a great way to try and draw together the very varied and often very separate areas of USATF-NE.” While he’s not all that excited about the snowshoe race in the second series, Jenkins admits “that is kind of the point of the series, isn’t it?” Who knows? Maybe he will excel at snowshoeing just like he did at mountain running in 2014, something he doesn’t consider himself the biggest fan of.

Doneski of Whirlaway Racing Team reported that the series pushed her to try new things all while enjoying the company of the series participants, which she described as “a really supportive, genuine group of runners who wanted to race hard but also laugh and have some fun.”  While she wasn’t expecting to win this year and doesn’t expect to win next year either, Doneski shared that she’s in an interesting point in her running career. “My road race PRs are most likely behind me, but I feel I can still get better, stronger and faster in the endurance and adversity-based races: mountains, trails and ultras.” Her ultimate goal is to grow old still running races and pushing herself to try new things and to keep setting new goals.

Both runners had a tough time picking their favorite series race; though the men’s winner enjoyed the mountain and track racing the most. The women’s winner said her initial favorite that comes to mind was Sleepy Hollow. “It’s so hard in so many ways; the course is super challenging (which I love) and the conditions are so unpredictable (2013 was dry and fast and 2014 was very wet and muddy and really tough), and it’s right after Boston,” she said.  “However, I also loved Loon.  Again, it’s a challenging course, but I spent a full year from 2013 to 2014 regretting that I did not run all the way up Upper Walking Boss.  I was looking forward to racing this year and redeeming myself.” Doneski happily reported that she did not walk a single step this year.

Photo Credit: SNAPacidotic

So, where can we expect to see these two competing in 2015? Jenkins shared with us that he has fortunately made some progress in fixing his long-standing coordination issues in his right leg, so his top goal for next year is to continue that progress all the way to a return to the marathon – something he hasn’t done since the World Championships in 2009. His second goal is to run an Olympic Trials Qualifier, with a third goal of achieving a personal record at any distance.  “I haven’t set one since back surgery in early 2011,” he added.  Jenkins’ final two main goals will be to win the ATR series and the USATF- NE Grand Prix.

Doneski currently has her 2015 calendar clear, but knows she’ll be looking to run the USATF-NE Grand Prix as well for Whirlaway, noting those dates will go on the calendar first.  Then she will look to the Mountain Series and the ATR and see how those dates match up with her other races and her family plans.  “And of course there is still that desire to run an ultra, but that might need to wait for my children to need me less and I am in no hurry for that,” she said.

Lastly, Jenkins shared that the ATR series represents something he’d like to see more of from USATF-NE – trying new things. “Will everything be a hit or a win?” he asked. “Heck no, but anything is better than nothing.”


Photo Credit: Jimmy Shelton of Greater Lowell RR

Ruben Sanca’s Take on the 2014 Grand Prix

Yesterday, we heard from the USATF-NE Road Racing Grand Prix series female open winner Denise Sandahl of Millennium Running. Today, Whirlaway’s Ruben Sanca shares with us his thoughts on the 2014 series and the role it serves in his overall racing goals.

After joining the Whirlaway Racing Team, Sanca says he developed a new approach on how to meticulously plan his racing schedule so that both his team and individual goals were maximized. “Thankfully, the Grand Prix bid selection committee did a great job in creating opportunities for mutual success,” he said.

While he sat out the 5 miler to recover from a shin injury and decided to opt out of the marathon as he was training for the Twin Cities Marathon instead, looking back at the Grand Prix races he competed in, Sanca reports that “By far, the New Bedford Half Marathon has been my favorite race on the circuit. Dan McCarthy and his staff have done an outstanding job of embedding the race into the culture of the city of New Bedford. From organizational and logistical standpoints, there are very few or almost no noticeable hiccups. Crowd support is amazing and even the city mayor is involved. The welcoming atmosphere in New Bedford is like no other I have seen in local New England races. From year to year, the race is consistently well organized and I personally make a note to run it every year.”

Photo Credit: Jimmy Shelton of Greater Lowell RR

Photo Credit: Jimmy Shelton of Greater Lowell RR

Throughout the series, Sanca says that he was challenged by various teams and individuals. However, the orange singlets from Team RUN kept him on his toes, as he learned to stay mentally composed to confront the unpredictability of that team’s athletes.  And while he hasn’t formalized his 2015 racing plans just yet, the Whirlaway athlete looks forward to seeing the 2015 Grand Prix series, hoping to populate his racing calendar with most of its events, as he states “the blend in race distances creates an intriguing year of racing for any athlete.”

Not too far from taking the open male team title in this year’s series (finishing a close third), Sanca says that Whirlaway is certainly looking to be an improved team and in contention again for the overall title in 2015. Sanca personally looks to maximize his performance in each Grand Prix race next year, even if it means getting an extra point for the team. While he will be racing all distances, his eye is on attaining the Olympic “B” standard in the marathon.


* Thank you, Ruben, for participating in the Grand Prix series and sharing your feedback. Best of luck as you work toward your 2015 racing goals!



Grand Prix 2014 conclusion

Earlier this month, at the Anthem Manchester City Marathon, a USATF-New England Championship, the top two runners apparently missed a turn late in the race and did not finish. Likely because of weather, the sign that had been placed at the turn before the race was not visible at the time the lead runners passed. We applaud the strong performances of the two runners affected–Jason Ayr, from Western Mass Distance Project, and Birhanu Mekonnen, a runner from outside of our Association–as well as that of eventual winner, Dan Vassallo of Central Mass. Striders. Manchester City Marathon has awarded Ayer and Mekonnen each $1,250, an even split of the first and second place prize money. This is in addition to the prize money already awarded to those who finished the race in prize money positions.

A complete list of series standings for teams and individuals is available on the Grand Prix section of our website. In addition, USATF-NE Long Distance Chair persons are looking into establishing additional guidelines for championship races to try to prevent any future mishaps at Championship events. We want to recognize and commend USATF members Jason and Dan for their outstanding sportsmanship throughout Manchester City Marathon’s deliberations.

With the conclusion of the 2014 Grand Prix series, a total of $8,000 in prize money will be distributed soon to teams accruing the highest point totals in their age categories for men and women. Voting will be available soon for the 2015 USATFNE Grand Prix Road Race series and we encourage all members to participate in selecting a great line up of races.

Chairs, Lisa Doucett, John Barbour and Jan Holmquist

Sandahl (left) picture with her Millennium Running teammates at the Ribfest 5 Miler after she and her team took the individual & team titles in the USATF-NE championship race.

And the USATF-NE Road Racing Grand Prix Winners Are…

The USATF-NE Road Racing Grand Prix series came to a close in New Hampshire at the City of Manchester Marathon on November

Sandahl (left) picture with her Millennium Running teammates at the Ribfest 5 Miler after she and her team took the individual & team titles in the USATF-NE championship race.

Denise Sandahl (left) pictured with her Millennium Running teammates at the Ribfest 5 Miler after she and her team took the individual & team titles in the USATF-NE championship race.

2. When the points were tallied at the culmination of the seven race series – which included a 10 miler, half marathon, 5 miler, 5k, 15k, 10k and marathon – it was Millennium Running’s Denise Sandahl and Whirlaway’s Ruben Sanca who came out on the top as the overall open winners.

The first-time series winners both competed in five of the seven races – Sandahl coming in 16 points ahead of teammate Jennifer Mortimer and Sanca, beating out second place runner Dan Vassallo of CMS by 18 points. To learn more about their journeys to success and future racing plans, we chatted with the Grand Prix champions.

Today, we’ll hear from the women’s champion. Stay tuned for our interview with the men’s champion tomorrow.

Flashing back to the beginning of the year, Sandahl didn’t think she had a chance to be competitive in the Grand Prix series. It wasn’t until after winning the Ribfest 5 miler that she realized capturing the individual title might be a possibility. And she was right.

While illness and a scheduling conflict prevented her from competing in the entire series, Sandahl says of her five Grand Prix performances, the Ribfest 5 miler was her favorite – where her team took all three podium spots. With Millennial Running managing the event, it was a good feeling for Sandahl and her team to win at home.

Not only did she take the overall series title from an individual perspective, but her team accomplished its goal of winning the open team championship as well. Millennium managed to field teams for six of the seven races, despite being a small team, beating out Whirlaway by nine points. A major contributing factor to their team success, Sandahl says is that many of the women train together regularly and worked with each other during the races.

Sandahl added that it was her own teammates who tended to give her the most competition throughout the series – perhaps leading to their success this year. Looking ahead to 2015, Sandahl says she and her team plan to compete in the Grand Prix series again, looking for the same success.

She also plans to race the Boston Marathon next April. “In my wildest dream, I hope to qualify for the trials,” she said. “A marathon PR is a more realistic goal. As for team goals, In hope to contribute to our continued success.”

Lastly, Sandahl noted, “I’d like to add how grateful I am to my family (especially my husband, Adam, and sons, Caleb and Ian), team and friends for all the support they provide.”


* We’d like to thank Denise for taking the time to share her story with us, and we wish her and Millennium Running the best of luck in future races. 

2013 Grand Prix Team Award Money

This table is copied from an Excel pivot table created by the Treasurer to generate check amounts to be paid to each club scoring in the 2013 Grand Prix series. It takes all the individual sections (M/F vs Open/40/50/60/70) and sums across them by Club. Looking at first line for Whirlaway, you will see 450 under the 225 column and 350 under the 175 column. That implies that WRT won two $225 awards and two $175 awards. See the GP web pages for the team prize breakdown in each age group.

It is offered as one way of looking at which club won the Overall team title.  You could say that Money talks.  This is something that is already being done vs calculating a 10-9-8… scoring system (which someone else is welcome to do).

SOON: 2014 Team Award numbers!

CLUB 75 100 125 150 325 375 275 225 175 Total
WHIRLAWAY RACING TEAM 375 275 450 350 1450
CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS 125 325 225 350 1025
TEAM RUN 125 225 350

Manchester City Marathon (2014 GP Race #7)

Anthem Manchester City Marathon – November 2, 2014 – 2014 GP Race #7
As of Monday, November 4, these are latest results processed from source results available at https://lottery.linmarksports.com/raceresults.aspx?guid=2d92b618-4700-483e-95cb-71dc7c2a16a8.
Included below are all USATF-NE members who are eligible to score points in the Road Racing Grand Prix series or become one of the 75 IronRunners for 2014.

Plc  Name                  Club                     GunTime  S Age DvPlDvPtsNE AG %    AGPl Bib
1    Dan Vassallo          Central Mass Striders    2:31:06  M 29  1   10   Y  82.67%  5    480
2    Jonathan Joyce        Western Mass Dist Proj   2:35:18  M 24  2   9    Y  80.44%  10   242
3    Jesse Regnier         Western Mass Dist Proj   2:36:46  M 27  3   8    Y  79.68%  15   388
4    Jim Johnson           Central Mass Striders    2:36:51  M 37  4   7    Y  80.17%  12   235
5    Louis Saviano         Millennium Running       2:38:24  M 23  5   6    Y  78.86%  17   415
6    Scott Leslie          Central Mass Striders    2:38:59  M 33  6   5    Y  78.57%  18   287
7    Eric Mendoza          Greater Boston TC        2:39:30  M 30  7   4    Y  78.32%  19   321
8    Rob Bond              Greater Boston TC        2:39:40  M 25  8   3    Y  78.24%  20   47 
9    Samuel Fazioli        Whirlaway Racing Team    2:40:37  M 22  9   2    Y  77.79%  21   510
10   Alex Hall             BAA                      2:41:11  M 27  10  1    Y  77.50%  24   201
11   Matthew Germain       SISU Project             2:43:31  M 32  11       Y  76.39%  27   171
12   Kevin Alliette        Whirlaway Racing Team    2:43:44  M 33  12       Y  76.29%  28   512
14   Eric Flaman           Western Mass Dist Proj   2:44:39  M 24  13       Y  75.87%  31   151
15   Daniel Princic        Whirlaway Racing Team    2:45:12  M 35  14       Y  75.62%  34   514
16   Alan Bernier          Central Mass Striders    2:47:50  M 40  1   10   Y  76.41%  26   38 
17   David Gervais         Gate City Striders       2:48:01  M 23  15       Y  74.35%  42   172
18   Joe Lauer             Somerville Road Runners  2:49:00  M 33  16       Y  73.92%  46   279
19   Eric Williams         Whirlaway Racing Team    2:49:55  M 49  1   10   Y  82.05%  7    515
20   Jon Chesto            Greater Boston TC        2:50:01  M 43  2   9    Y  77.58%  23   73 
21   Eric Narcisi          Whirlaway Racing Team    2:50:11  M 34  17       Y  73.40%  49   513
22   Denise Sandahl        Millennium Running       2:51:02  F 34  1   10   Y  80.05%  14   412
23   Martin Tighe          Central Mass Striders    2:52:06  M 56  1   10   Y  86.07%  1    472
24   James Pawlicki        Central Mass Striders    2:53:15  M 40  3   8    Y  73.92%  45   357
25   Nick Taormina         Central Mass Striders    2:53:54  M 42  4   7    Y  74.93%  38   464
27   James Sullivan        Greater Lowell RR        2:56:10  M 29  18       Y  70.91%  63   459
30   Charlie Bemis         Gate City Striders       2:56:47  M 51  1   10   Y  80.26%  11   33 
31   Arthur Besse          Central Mass Striders    2:56:56  M 42  5   6    Y  73.66%  48   39 
32   Anthony Crudale       Greater Boston TC        2:57:18  M 37  19       Y  70.97%  61   100
33   E J Hrynowski         Greater Lowell RR        2:57:34  M 52  2   9    Y  80.09%  13   225
35   Christopher Hamel     Whirlaway Racing Team    2:59:10  M 30  20       Y  69.72%  73   511
37   Keith Eisenman        Somerville Road Runners  3:00:25  M 35  21       Y  69.28%  75   137
38   Scot Dedeo            Somerville Road Runners  3:00:45  M 34  22       Y  69.11%  76   110
39   Gregory Picklesimer   Somerville Road Runners  3:00:46  M 48  2   9    Y  76.00%  30   535
41   Ethan Dionne          Gate City Striders       3:01:09  M 23  23       Y  68.96%  78   118
42   Amanda Wright         SISU Project             3:02:15  F 26  2   9    Y  74.30%  43   498
44   Timothy Morin         Somerville Road Runners  3:04:56  M 31  24       Y  67.55%  90   329
45   Paul Davies           BAA                      3:06:41  M 47  3   8    Y  73.28%  50   106
46   Jim Garcia            Greater Lowell RR        3:07:00  M 56  2   9    Y  79.06%  16   166
47   Colin Loghin          Greater Lowell RR        3:08:51  M 39  25       Y  67.47%  92   293
50   Kris Francis          SISU Project             3:10:23  M 46  4   7    Y  70.95%  62   155
51   Kelsey Allen          Western Mass Dist Proj   3:11:08  F 31  3   8    Y  71.03%  59   13 
52   Douglas Martyn        Whirlaway Racing Team    3:11:56  M 54  3   8    Y  75.82%  32   516
55   Ian Wright            SISU Project             3:12:36  M 28  26       Y  64.86%  113  499
59   Erin Morin            Somerville Road Runners  3:14:42  F 33  4   7    Y  70.07%  71   328
61   John Singelais        Gate City Striders       3:16:11  M 55  3   8    Y  74.65%  41   434
64   Brandyn Naro          Gate City Striders       3:16:20  M 27  27       Y  63.62%  126  337
65   Michael Girouard      Greater Lowell RR        3:16:54  M 44  6   5    Y  67.74%  87   176
66   Emmet Clifford        Gate City Striders       3:17:29  M 45  5   6    Y  67.64%  89   80 
67   Craig Fram            Whirlaway Racing Team    3:17:35  M 56  4   7    Y  74.67%  39   518
70   Joshua Grzegorzewski  Somerville Road Runners  3:18:57  M 39  28       Y  64.06%  121  199

Lone Gull 10K (GP Race #6) – 2014 Results (by AG%)

Lone Gull 10K – September 14, 2014 – 2014 GP Race #6

Plc  Name                  Club                    GunTime  S Age DPlNE ChipTime AG %    AGPl Bib   Town
349  Jan Holmquist         LIBERTY ATHLETIC CLUB   45:47    F 70  1  Y  45:45   100.26%  1    232   Burlington MA
65   Mark Reeder           GREATER LOWELL ROAD RUN 34:21    M 54  1  Y  34:19    93.15%  2    779   Brighton MA
32   Peter Hammer          BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIA 32:39    M 48  1  Y  32:37    92.75%  3    1222  Needham MA
67   Robert Cipriano       SOMERVILLE ROAD RUNNERS 34:27    M 54  2  Y  34:26    92.55%  4    1055  Brighton MA
675  Carrie Parsi          LIBERTY ATHLETIC CLUB   54:48    F 75  2  Y  54:35    92.26%  5    414   Gloucester MA
81   Craig Fram            WHIRLAWAY RACING TEAM   35:03    M 55  1  Y  35:00    92.15%  6    1217  Derry NH
122  John Barbour          GREATER LOWELL ROAD RUN 36:40    M 60  1  Y  36:36    91.54%  7    787   West Roxbury MA
53   Francis Burdett       GREATER SPRINGFIELD HAR 33:49    M 49  4  Y  33:49    90.49%  8    1281  Worcester MA
55   Eric Williams         WHIRLAWAY RACING TEAM   33:54    M 49  5  Y  33:53    90.47%  9    1210  Concord NH
30   Greg Putnam           CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS   32:38    M 44  2  Y  32:37    90.38%  10   1022  Stoneham MA
178  Maria Servin          WHIRLAWAY RACING TEAM   39:04    F 52  1  Y  39:01    90.36%  11   1195  Middleboro MA
50   Gregory Picklesimer   SOMERVILLE ROAD RUNNERS 33:40    M 48  3  Y  33:39    89.91%  12   1370  Newton MA
92   Douglas Martyn        WHIRLAWAY RACING TEAM   35:35    M 54  5  Y  35:31    89.70%  13   1213  North Andover MA
71   Rob Edson              Unattached             34:38    M 50  3  Y  34:36    89.44%  14   1147  Hanover NH
7    Justin Freeman        TEAM RUN                31:18    M 37  7  Y  31:18    89.29%  15   1244  New Hampton NH
4    Nate Jenkins          CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS   30:34    M 33  4  Y  30:34    89.24%  16   1010  North Andover MA
5    Joseph Amenya         TEAM RUN                30:53    M 35  5  Y  30:53    89.23%  17   1246  Lowell MA
112  Martin Tighe          CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS   36:22    M 56  2  Y  36:19    89.12%  18   1027  Providence RI
298  Elizabeth Cooney      SOMERVILLE ROAD RUNNERS 43:57    F 59  6  Y  43:55    88.98%  19   86    Somerville MA
263  Susan Hackney         GREEN MOUNTAIN ATHLETIC 42:47    F 57  2  Y  42:39    88.94%  20   988   Essex Jt VT
88   Michael Cooney        WHIRLAWAY RACING TEAM   35:23    M 52  4  Y  35:21    88.83%  21   1212  Chelmsford MA
1    Amos Sang             TEAM RUN                30:14    M 25  1  Y  30:14    88.81%  22   1250  Chicopee MA
2    Ruben Sanca           WHIRLAWAY RACING TEAM   30:17    M 27  2  Y  30:17    88.67%  23   1200  Lowell MA
274  Mary Lammi            CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS   43:09    F 58  3  Y  43:05    88.63%  24   1158  Spencer MA
3    Glarius Rop           TEAM RUN                30:25    M 30  3  Y  30:25    88.59%  25   1249  West Springfield MA
168  Richard Larsen        SUGARLOAF MOUNTAIN ATHL 38:44    M 62  2  Y  38:40    88.57%  26   290   Shelburne MA
48   Binney Mitchell       GREEN MOUNTAIN ATHLETIC 33:36    M 45  2  Y  33:34    88.48%  27   1000  Essex Jt VT
162  Mimi Fallon           BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIA 38:32    F 49  1  Y  38:32    88.42%  28   1237  Walpole MA
24   Mike Galoob           BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIA 32:24    M 40  1  Y  32:23    88.13%  29   1227  Peacedale RI
73   Heather Cappello      BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIA 34:45    F 34  1  Y  34:45    88.02%  30   1226  Arlington MA
105  John Sullivan         HFC STRIDERS            36:06    M 54  10 Y  36:04    87.99%  31   966   West Roxbury MA
288  Joan Miller           LIBERTY ATHLETIC CLUB   43:37    F 58  5  Y  43:27    87.87%  32   359   Chestnut Hill MA
43   Joseph Navas          WHIRLAWAY RACING TEAM   33:23    M 43  4  Y  33:22    87.69%  33   1208  North Eastham MA
76   Wayne Levy            BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIA 34:53    M 49  8  Y  34:51    87.54%  34   1220  Waban MA
35   Christopher Magill    BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIA 32:55    M 41  3  Y  32:54    87.50%  35   1221  Cumberland RI
97   Daniel Verrington     CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS   35:48    M 52  6  Y  35:44    87.46%  36   1025  Bradford MA
83   Scott Anderson        WHIRLAWAY RACING TEAM   35:07    M 49  9  Y  35:05    87.34%  37   1209  Truro MA
19   Patrick Rich          CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS   32:10    M 38  18 Y  32:09    87.09%  38   1014  South Hamilton MA
11   Peter Omae            TEAM RUN                31:52    M 36  10 Y  31:52    86.87%  39   1247  Lowell MA
6    Tyler Andrews         STRIVE RACING           30:57    M 24  6  Y  30:57    86.75%  40   614   Concord MA
142  Wolfgang Ketterle     SOMERVILLE ROAD RUNNERS 37:33    M 56  3  Y  37:28    86.75%  41   1045  Belmont MA
100  Charlie Bemis         GATE CITY STRIDERS      35:56    M 51  8  Y  35:55    86.71%  42   834   Derry NH
253  Jacqueline Shakar     CAMBRIDGE SPORTS UNION  42:28    F 55  1  Y  42:26    86.50%  43   912   Sutton MA
69   Joe Shairs            CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS   34:31    M 46  6  Y  34:30    86.44%  44   1017  Peabody MA
99   Christopher Lawrence  BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIA 35:50    M 50  7  Y  35:48    86.36%  45   1223  Lincoln RI
233  Lisa Zappala          WHIRLAWAY RACING TEAM   41:50    F 53  3  Y  41:45    86.28%  46   1196  Derry NH
91   Katie Misuraca        BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIA 35:30    F 33  2  Y  35:27    86.09%  47   1236  Gloucester MA
114  Rory Fagan            SOMERVILLE ROAD RUNNERS 36:26    M 52  11 Y  36:21    85.90%  48   876   Somerville MA
149  Jim Garcia            GREATER LOWELL ROAD RUN 37:44    M 56  4  Y  37:41    85.75%  49   782   Westford MA
101  Dave Dunham           CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS   36:01    M 50  9  Y  35:57    85.71%  50   1023  Bradford MA
280  Nancy Corsaro         WHIRLAWAY RACING TEAM   43:20    F 55  4  Y  43:16    85.58%  51   1197  Methuen MA
133  Regina Loiacano       CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS   37:02    F 41  1  Y  36:59    85.45%  52   807   Gloucester MA
147  Christin Doneski      WHIRLAWAY RACING TEAM   37:39    F 43  2  Y  37:39    85.36%  53   1190  Hopkinton NH
8    Dan Vassallo          CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS   31:33    M 29  8  Y  31:33    85.23%  54   1011  Peabody MA
10   Jonathan Charlesworth GREATER BOSTON TRACK CL 31:35    M 29  9  Y  31:35    85.22%  55   1109  Boston MA
127  E J Hrynowski         GREATER LOWELL ROAD RUN 36:44    M 52  12 Y  36:40    85.11%  56   775   Arlington MA

USATF-NE Annual Meeting Election Results

Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Meeting on Sunday. In case you missed it, here is a brief recap of those elected to the USATF-NE Board of Governors, which includes a mix of incumbents and new individuals.


  • President: Tom Derderian
  • Secretary: Steve Viegas
  • Treasurer: Stephen Peckiconis
  • Vice Presidents: Jim Garcia, John Oleski, Chris Pasko
  • Men’s Long Distance Running (LDR) Chair: John Barbour
  • Women’s LDR Chair: Lisa Doucett
  • Masters LDR Chair: Jan Holmquist
  • Youth Chair: Alex Ivanov
  • Track & Field Chair: Zach Emerson
  • Masters Track & Field Chair: Mike Travers
  • Cross Country Chair: Chris Canning
  • Mountain, Ultra, Trail (MUT) Chair: Paul Kirsch
  • Race Walking Chair: Justin Kuo
  • Athlete’s Representatives: Eric Ashe, Jim Burgoyne, Jennifer Mortimer


In the coming week, you’ll be able to find information on the new board members, the various reports that were presented and distributed at the meeting, as well as the full meeting minutes on the Board page.

Next Stop in the Road Racing Grand Prix: GMAA Labor Day 15k

Four races down and three to go in the USATF-NE Road Racing Grand Prix series. Next up: the Green Mountain Athletic Association (GMAA) Labor Day 15k on August 31 at 9 am in South Burlington, VT. And if you’re not on this list, it means you haven’t registered yet. Online registration closes on August 29 and race day registration will be held at South Burlington High School between 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. 


Need to know a little more about the race? First, it’s a USATF-NE Grand Prix championship, as mentioned. Teams and individuals looking to maintain or move up in the standings only have a few opportunities to do so, and this is one of them. For reference, the Grand Prix team leaders are currently:

  • Men’s open team: Western Mass Distance Project
  • Men’s 40+ team: Central Mass Striders
  • Men’s 50+ team: Whirlaway Racing Team
  • Men’s 60+ team: Greater Lowell Road Runners
  • Men’s 70+ team: Gate City Striders
  • Women’s open team: Millennium Running
  • Women’s 40+ team: Whirlaway Racing Team
  • Women’s 50+ team: Whirlaway Racing Team
  • Women’s 60+ team: Gate City Striders

Individual open leaders are Whirlaway’s Ruben Sanca and GBTC’s Nicole Casey. However, the standings across the board are close, with leaders only ahead by a point or two.

For added incentive to trek up to the Green Mountain state, keep in mind the $3,400 available in cash prizes. Here is the break-down of team, individual and age group awards.

Lastly, if you’d like a course description before departing for the race this weekend, Level Renner published a detailed preview of the 15k course that offers views of the Green Mountains, Adirondacks and Lake Champlain.

Will we see you there?

David Goodman competing at the 2013 USATF Outdoor T&F Championship in the 3,000m Steeplechase - Photo Credit: NEDistance.org

USATF-NE Club Spotlight: NE Distance

Many of you may have heard of the USATF-NE, Rhode Island-based club NE Distance. If you haven’t, you should know that

David Goodman competing at the 2013 USATF Outdoor T&F Championship in the 3,000m Steeplechase - Photo Credit: NEDistance.org

David Goodman competing at the 2013 USATF Outdoor T&F Championship in the 3,000m Steeplechase – Photo Credit: NEDistance.org

it was started by Nich Haber in 2012. Nich is the club’s President of the Board (on a Board that includes American Record Holder Molly Huddle!), but also serves as an acting Executive Director, managing business issues, fundraising, grant writing and maintaining relationships with partners. On top of this, Nich manages travel and race entries for the athletes, helps them obtain part-time work with their after-school partners in Woonsocket and coordinates their youth program with the Woonsocket public school system.

As you can tell, Nich wears several hats and has been working hard since 2012 to get NE Distance off the ground and growing to compete at a highly competitive level. It appears that his work has paid off by looking at the club’s current roster, which includes:

  • David Goodman— The 2012 NCAA DII National Champion in the Steeplechase and a three-time USATF-NE Champion
  • Henry Sterling — NE Distance’s newest athlete, he’s a Dartmouth grad who sees his potential best in the Steeplechase, but is interested in staying a well-rounded runner by competing in the mile and 5k as well
  • Katrina Spratford —  The 8-time All American from Shippensburg, is a 10k runner that is focusing on Cross Country in the fall and may do some road races
  • Lara Crofford — A Nebraska Cornhusker, has been a strong 10k runner but is looking to move up in distance and take to the roads

We caught up with Nich on how the club has grown, what they’ve been up to. To sum it up, Nich told us that “Every year has been better than the one before it, and I know that next year will be better than this one!” His optimism and excitement is great to hear. Check out our interview with Nich below to get up to speed on the community-based distance running project.

USATF-NE: How has NE Distance grown since its founding in 2012?

NH: We started with one athlete in 2012, added another at the beginning of 2013, two more in September of 2013 and we’re looking to have eight this fall.  We’ve doubled every year!  At this rate, in a few years everyone on earth will be an NE Distance athlete!

Seriously, it’s been a challenge to start a group like this from the ground up and the athletes that have joined us truly believe in our mission of blending athlete development with community building. We expanded this year to include athletes that are not full athlete-in-resident fellows.  They are committed to train at a high level, but do not need housing from us.  We are excited as the more athletes we have in our group, the more of a critical mass we hit and the better the program is for everyone involved – the other athletes, the community and our fans who are looking for more athletes to root for.

USATF-NE: Are you actively recruiting?

NH: We have three slots open for our non-resident members.  We are looking for folks who want to live in the Woonsocket/Providence area who want to compete at a high level.

USATF-NE: We saw that your team recently signed up 145 kids for a new middle school program. This is great! Any specific plans for this new program or anything in particular you’d like to share about it?

NH: This is probably our proudest achievement and is truly a culmination of what we are trying to do with the NE Distance program.  Woonsocket middle school sports were all but eliminated in 2009 due to budget cuts.  Our athletes moved into town and started to get everyone’s notice.  We were lucky to find Performance Physical Therapy of RI who was interested in sponsoring us to restart the middle school cross country team.  As soon as we announced it, a reporter from the local paper called me up and we were literally front page news.

For the public school system, they were absolutely thrilled.  They were getting high level athletes who had already spent at least a year working with Woonsocket youth to come in and coach the kids at the middle school.  The NEDi athletes went into the schools to sign up kids and were overwhelmed; 145 kids signed up. Lara has already started weekly runs with the kids in town and everyone will be back in Woonsocket in August gearing up to kick off the team at the end of the summer.

We are seeking a sponsor to help us continue this program for the kids into the indoor and outdoor seasons, so if anyone is interested in helping our team help these young people, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

USATF-NE: Are any USATF-NE hosted races a part of NE Distance’s upcoming race schedule – and if so, which ones, and why?  

NH: Our goal is to have our athletes compete on Team USA, so the USATF-NE races are great vehicles to get us to that level.  We will definitely be at the Cross Country races this fall, especially the Boston Mayor Cup and the USATF-NE Championship. The CVS Downtown 5k is in our backyard, so we’ll be there. USATF-NE hosts some of the best indoor meets in the country, so look for us at the BU Terrier & Valentine meets as well as the USATF-NE Championships. Outdoors, we’re big fans of the NBB Twilight Meets.

And be sure to look for our middle school kids to open up their season at the Ocean State XC meet in Goddard Park in Rhode Island on Friday Sept 26.

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