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USATF-NE Athlete Q&A: Jeff Veiga

Team RUN’s Jeff Veiga was the winner of the third race in our Road Racing Grand Prix series, the An Ras Mor 5k on March 30 with a time of 14:39. The recent UMass Lowell graduate has been hitting some impressive times post-graduation, even after considering “hanging up the spikes” this past fall due to some nagging injuries. How has he managed to continue this success?

Learn about his strategy and international racing goals in our exclusive Q&A with Jeff.


Q: What was your strategy for the An Ras Mor 5k? Walk us through your race.

Photo Credit: Scott Mason

Photo Credit: Scott Mason

JV: Going into the race I didn’t really know much about the course. I hadn’t run it or even had a chance to look at a map. Strategy wise, I was just planning to go out with the lead group and hang on as long as I could because I hadn’t really tested myself beforehand and didn’t have the best idea where I was with my fitness.  But once the race started, I felt good so I just tucked in behind the lead group and tried to stay as relaxed as possible.

From early on, the lead group of Nick, Ruben (both of the Whirlaway Racing Team) and myself separated from the rest of the field. I believe shortly after 1.5 miles, Ruben and I started to pull away from Nick. After that, the two of us just went back and forth a few times until right before the 3 mile mark, where I threw in a surge to pull slightly ahead and then kick it in towards the finish line.

Q: How did you feel about your race result? (We’re impressed). How did it match up to your expectations?

JV: I didn’t really expect much going into the race. I thought I would definitely come away with a top five finish and maybe crack the top three if I was lucky. So to come away with the win and a good time I was definitely happy and surprised.

Q: Why did you decide to compete in the An Ras Mor 5k and can we expect to see you at any of the other upcoming Grand Prix series races?

JV:I decided to run the An Ras Mor 5k because it was part of the USATF-NE Grand Prix series and I wanted to represent Team RUN, as we had a chance to place very well in the team standings – which we did with a third place finish.

I do plan to compete in more of the Grand Prix races as long as they fit into my racing schedule, which is mainly targeted at running a fast 5K and possibly a 10k on the track.

Q: What is your training like right now – and is there anything in particular you’re training for?

JV: My training is going very well right now. I was hurt throughout the entire fall season and strongly considered hanging up the spikes if I couldn’t get healthy by the end of January. But after a few visits with Dr. John Donovan of Advantage Chiropractic, I was healthy again and running pain-free.  Since then, I have been steadily increasing my mileage, in hopes of continuing my career and competing at a high level.  Right now I am running about 95 miles per week, with one long run, one long workout and a little bit of speed here and there.

Having recently received my Portuguese citizenship, I am currently training to hopefully compete in and place well at the Portuguese National Champions in Lisbon, Portugal on July 26 and 27.

Q: Lastly, we know you’re a member of Team RUN. Tell us what it’s like being on the team and what aspects of the team compelled you to join?

JV: I’ve been a member of Team RUN for almost a year now. It’s really fun and we have a great group of guys, some which I actually train with on a regular basis – and we are all well supported by our sponsor Marx Running & Fitness in Acton, MA.  I had been working with the team’s coach Mark Coddaire, as he’s also the owner of the Marx Running & Fitness store, so I knew about the team and everything associated with it. It just seemed like the best fit for me at the time, and I feel like I definitely made a good choice.

*Thanks to Jeff for taking the time to share his story with us. We wish him continued success on all levels – from local to international! 

USATF-NE Announces All Terrain Runner Series

Today, USA Track & Field New England has announced All Terrain Runner (ATR), a new official series comprising races of varying distances, seasons and surfaces.  The series kicks off just next month on May 4 with a 10k trail race, before competitors race on the track, mountains and roads, closing with a cross country event in the fall.

USATF-NE President Tom Derderian described the idea behind the series, explaining that “Some runners race best on the track, some on the roads, some up mountains and over trails, and others on broad cross country courses. You know how you rank in the discipline you race in, but how do you rank if you combine all of these?  This is the running version of the decathlon.”

The complete 2014 ATR series includes:

  • May 4 – Trail: Sleepy Hollow 10k
  • May 5-July 20 – Outdoor Track: 5000 meters   *(USATF-NE members can submit their own result from any 5000 meter race run in a USATF sanctioned meet through our web form during this time frame. A competitor may complete several outdoor 5000 meter races; however only the fastest time will count in the final scoring.)
  • July 6 – Mountain: Loon Mountain
  • September 14 – Road: Lone Gull 10k
  • November 9  – Cross Country: USATF-NE New England Championships

With the Sleepy Hollow 10k just a couple of weeks away, those interested in participating in the ATR series can register for the first race here. Competitors can register on race-day; however the entry fee increases from $15 to $25 after May 2, and registration will close when the maximum capacity of 250 racers is reached.

With no team scoring component, the series offers scoring and prizes for individuals only. There will be a total of $5,000 available in awards. The prize structure, awarding monetary rewards to the top five male and female finishers, is as follows:

  • First – $1,000
  • Second – $500
  • Third – $250
  • Fourth – $100
  • Fifth – $50

Cash prizes will also be awarded to age group winners in the following age divisions: 40-49, 50-59 and 60-69. To be considered for a place in the final standings, competitors must complete four out of the five races, and participants who complete all five events will receive a special series t-shirt.

More details on the ATR series, including a formal landing page, are coming soon.


An Ras Mor 5K (2014 GP Race #3)

An Ras Mor 5K – March 30, 2014 – Grand Prix Race #3

Plc  Name                  ClubName               BGunTime  SAge DvPlPtsNEMChipTime AG %    AGPl Bib   Town
1    Jeffrey Veiga         Team RUN                14:39    M23  1   10 Y  14:39    88.05%  13   3     LOWELL MA
2    Ruben Sanca           Whirlaway Racing Team   14:40    M27  2   9  Y  14:40    87.96%  14   12    LOWELL MA
3    Nick Karwoski         Whirlaway Racing Team   14:53    M25  3   8  Y  14:53    86.67%  18   943   DERRY NH
4    Andrea Sorgato        NB Boston               15:12    M32  4   7  Y  15:12    85.82%  24   936   DORCHESTER CENTER MA
5    Brad Mish             BAA                     15:13    M26  5   6  Y  15:12    84.87%  34   839   DORCHESTER MA
6    Jonathan Charlesworth Greater Boston TC       15:14    M29  6   5  Y  15:13    84.92%  33   937   DORCHESTER MA
7    Nathaniel Jenkins     Central Mass Striders   15:19    M33  7   4  Y  15:17    85.58%  26   971   NORTH ANDOVER MA
8    Ryan Irwin            Greater Boston TC       15:21    M29  8   3  Y  15:20    84.33%  38   512   NEWTON MA
9    Christopher Kibler    Greater Boston TC       15:23    M24  9   2  Y  15:23    83.86%  47   530   TOWNSEND MA
10   Ethan Brown           Team RUN                15:24    M28  10  1  Y  15:23    83.92%  46   854   LOWELL MA
11   Ryan Gough            Greater Lowell RR       15:25    M30  11     Y  15:24    84.01%  43   506   LOWELL MA
12   Jonathan Joyce        Western Mass Dist Proj  15:25    M23  12     Y  15:23    83.86%  47   906   NORTHAMPTON MA
13   Justin Freeman        Team RUN                15:28    M37  13     Y  15:28    86.53%  20   853   NEW HAMPTON NH
14   Scott McGrath         Whirlaway Racing Team   15:29    M27  14     Y  15:27    83.50%  51   701   ANDOVER MA
15   Mike Galoob           UNATTACHED              15:31    M40  1   10 Y  15:31    88.06%  12   598   PEACE DALE RI
16   David Wilson          UNATTACHED              15:37    M23  15     Y  15:36    82.69%  61   590   BROOKLINE MA
17   Daniel Lewis          Greater Boston TC       15:37    M22  16     Y  15:36    82.70%  59   487   CAMBRIDGE MA
18   David Metzger         Greater Boston TC       15:38    M27  17     Y  15:36    82.70%  60   642   MEDFORD MA
19   Michael Carlone       Greater Boston TC       15:42    M22  18     Y  15:41    82.27%  68   542   WALTHAM MA
20   Scott Vander Molen    Western Mass Dist Proj  15:42    M25  19     Y  15:41    82.25%  69   795   MEDFORD MA
21   Eric Mendoza          Greater Boston TC       15:43    M29  20     Y  15:41    82.43%  66   531   DORCHESTER MA
22   Morgan Kennedy        Central Mass Striders   15:46    M26  21     Y  15:43    82.08%  71   477   GRAFTON MA
23   Christopher Magill    BAA                     15:48    M41  2   9  Y  15:48    87.24%  16   4     CUMBERLAND RI
24   Brandon Newbould      Whirlaway Racing Team   15:49    M32  22     Y  15:47    82.54%  64   661   NOTTINGHAM NH
25   Teddy Farley          UNATTACHED              15:50    M22  23     Y  15:48    81.66%  75   252   ACTON MA
26   Louis Saviano         Millennium Running      15:52    M23  24     Y  15:51    81.39%  82   682   SANDOWN NH
27   Stephen Gendron       Greater Lowell RR       15:53    M26  25     Y  15:51    81.39%  82   623   LOWELL MA
28   Caleb Evanter         Greater Boston TC       15:54    M26  26     Y  15:52    81.30%  85   793   DORCHESTER CENTER MA
29   Jesse Regnier         Western Mass Dist Proj  15:55    M26  27     Y  15:54    81.13%  88   907   NORTHAMPTON MA
30   Jason Ayr             Western Mass Dist Proj  15:59    M26  28     Y  15:57    80.88%  92   903   NORTHAMPTON MA
31   Scott Leslie          Central Mass Striders   15:59    M32  29     Y  15:58    81.66%  76   479   RUTLAND MA
32   Andrew Downey         Greater Lowell RR       16:06    M29  30     Y  16:05    80.39%  98   455   LOWELL MA
33   Scott Burger          Greater Boston TC       16:07    M23  31     Y  16:05    80.21%  104  222   WORCESTER MA
34   Kent Lemme            Gr Springfield Harriers 16:08    M47  1   10 Y  16:06    89.73%  9    311   WILLIAMSTOWN MA
35   Sonny Gamble          Western Mass Dist Proj  16:09    M26  32     Y  16:07    80.04%  111  970   Carlisle MA
36   Robert Espinosa       Greater Boston TC       16:09    M29  33     Y  16:07    80.22%  103  514   BROOKLINE MA
37   Benjamin Coughlin     Team RUN                16:09    M24  34     Y  16:07    80.04%  111  892   WORCESTER MA
38   Eric Williams         Whirlaway Racing Team   16:11    M49  2   9  Y  16:09    90.87%  7    683   CONCORD NH
39   Greg Putnam           Central Mass Striders   16:12    M44  3   8  Y  16:11    87.21%  17   481   STONEHAM MA
40   Gregory Picklesimer   Somerville Road Runners 16:13    M47  3   8  Y  16:12    89.40%  10   8     NEWTON MA
41   Hombo Lucian          Team RUN                16:18    M34  35     Y  16:18    80.48%  97   891   LOWELL MA
42   Brian Keefe           Somerville Road Runners 16:19    M24  36     Y  16:16    79.30%  124  120   MEDFORD MA
43   Samuel Fazioli        Whirlaway Racing Team   16:20    M22  37     Y  16:19    79.09%  128  670   SALEM NH
44   Bryan Mahoney         Community Running Assoc 16:22    M31  38     Y  16:19    79.46%  121  28    SOMERVILLE MA
45   Kevin Alliette        Whirlaway Racing Team   16:24    M32  39     Y  16:23    79.60%  118  739   METHUEN MA
46   Colby Chrusciel       Central Mass Striders   16:25    M21  40     Y  16:21    79.01%  130  478   TEMPLETON MA
47   Peter Omae            Team RUN                16:27    M35  41     Y  16:27    80.60%  95   890   LOWELL MA
48   Jason Garrity         Greater Boston TC       16:28    M27  42     Y  16:26    78.50%  139  930   TOPSFIELD MA
49   Steve Dowsett         Whirlaway Racing Team   16:29    M26  43     Y  16:28    78.34%  143  663   NEWBURYPORT MA
50   Alan Bernier          Central Mass Striders   16:30    M39  44     Y  16:25    82.92%  58   578   BRAINTREE MA

An Ras Mor 5k Photos

Today marked the third race in our Grand Prix series. Photos of the rainy but very competitive An Ras Mor 5k in Cambridge, organized by the Somerville Road Runners, can be found in albums by Scott Mason and Thomas Cole.

Come across any other photos from the race? Feel free to link to them in the comments section on Facebook. Thanks!

Photo Credit: Thomas Cole

A Grand Prix Update

With two of seven races behind us in the USATF-NE Grand Prix Road Racing series – the Jones 10 Miler and New Bedford Half Marathon – where do we stand?


Exclusive Interview: New Bedford’s USATF-NE Champions

An update on our USATF-NE Grand Prix Road Racing series is coming soon. In the meantime, we caught up with the USATF-NE winners of our most recent Grand Prix race, the New Bedford Half Marathon: Ruben Sanca of the Whirlaway Racing Team and Andrea Walkonen, currently unattached.

Hear what they had to say about their latest wins, current training and what the future holds for each in the world of racing.


New Bedford Half Marathon (2014 GP Race #2)

New Bedford Half Marathon – March 16, 2014 – Grand Prix Race #2

Plc  Name                 ClubName                GunTime  SAge DvPlNEMChipTime AG %    AGPl Bib  Town
1    Ruben Sanca          Whirlaway Racing Team   1:05:52  M27  1   Y  1:05:50  89.95%  5    3322
2    Nick Karwoski        Whirlaway Racing Team   1:06:10  M25  2   Y  1:06:09  89.52%  11   3313
3    Dan Vassallo         Central Mass Striders   1:07:10  M28  3   Y  1:07:08  88.21%  16   2920
4    Robert Gibson        Janji(non-renewed club) 1:07:14  M24  4   Y  1:07:13  88.10%  17   1767 Brookline, MA
5    Eric Ashe            BAA                     1:07:25  M25  5   Y  1:07:24  87.86%  19   2824
6    Nicolai Naranjo      Western Mass Dist Proj  1:08:00  M25  6   Y  1:07:59  87.10%  28   2989
7    Brad Mish            BAA                     1:08:08  M26  7   Y  1:08:07  86.93%  29   2855
8    Wisley Ochoro        Team RUN                1:08:26  M35  8   Y  1:08:25  87.50%  23   2656
9    Philip Shaw          Millennium Running      1:08:43  M29  9   Y  1:08:43  86.18%  35   2116
10   Eric Blake           Unattached              1:08:47  M35  10  Y  1:08:46  86.80%  31   2333
11   Chase Pizzonia                               1:09:13  M28         1:09:12  85.57%  39   758  Bronx, NY
12   Jesse Regnier        Western Mass Dist Proj  1:09:36  M26  11  Y  1:09:36  85.08%  46   2984
13   Sean Duncan          Western Mass Dist Proj  1:09:36  M24  12  Y  1:09:36  85.08%  46   2986
14   Jonathan Joyce       Western Mass Dist Proj  1:09:40  M23  13  Y  1:09:39  85.02%  48   3380
15   Eric Macknight       Non-New England Club    1:09:49  M25         1:09:47  84.86%  51   952  Ballston Lake, NY
16   Jason Ayr            Western Mass Dist Proj  1:09:59  M26  14  Y  1:09:59  84.62%  54   2988
17   Ryan Gough           GLRR                    1:10:21  M30  15  Y  1:10:20  84.19%  62   3020
18   Jeff Howley          RMH of Providence RC    1:10:22  M34  16  Y  1:10:22  84.53%  55   855
19   Michael Burnstein                            1:10:27  M24         1:10:26  84.07%  64   2296 Brookline, MA
20   Andrew Chalmers      Greater Boston TC       1:10:31  M24  17  Y  1:10:29  84.02%  67   2819
21   David Johnson        Western Mass Dist Proj  1:10:40  M25  18  Y  1:10:39  83.82%  69   3357
22   Francis Cusick       Unattached              1:10:44  M27  19  Y  1:10:42  83.76%  70   1288
23   Mike Galoob          02-0099                 1:10:45  M40  1   Y  1:10:44  87.29%  27   1996 Peace Dale, RI
24   Adam Goode           Dirigo R.C.             1:10:45  M30  20  Y  1:10:42  83.76%  70   1176
25   Scott Mcgrath        Whirlaway Racing Team   1:10:51  M27  21  Y  1:10:47  83.66%  74   3317
26   Andrew Messer        Western Mass Dist Proj  1:11:00  M28  22  Y  1:11:00  83.40%  75   2987
27   Jonathan CharlesworthGreater Boston TC       1:11:02  M29  23  Y  1:11:02  83.36%  77   1968
28   Kim Smith            TEAM NEW BALANCE        1:11:09  F32         1:11:08  92.77%  1    2651
29   Stephen Polito       NB Boston               1:11:17  M24  24  Y  1:11:16  83.09%  81   1818
30   Christopher Magill   BAA                     1:11:17  M41  2   Y  1:11:15  87.45%  25   2850
31   Louis Saviano        Millennium Running      1:11:22  M23  25  Y  1:11:17  83.07%  82   2115
32   Alexander Taylor     BAA                     1:11:24  M34  26  Y  1:11:23  83.35%  78   2871
33   Ryan Mccalmon        BAA                     1:11:24  M38  27  Y  1:11:24  85.25%  41   3388
34   Sean Hyland          BAA                     1:11:25  M29  28  Y  1:11:22  82.98%  85   2844
35   Adrian Macdonald     Greater Boston TC       1:11:26  M25  29  Y  1:11:24  82.94%  86   2816
36   Ethan Brown          Team RUN                1:11:28  M26         1:11:28  82.86%  87   3248
37   Chris Mahoney        Central Mass Striders   1:11:30  M36  30  Y  1:11:28  84.06%  65   2919
38   Jonathan Baker       BAA                     1:11:32  M30  31  Y  1:11:29  82.84%  88   2825
39   Brian Mcnamara       Greater Boston TC       1:11:37  M31  32  Y  1:11:36  82.71%  91   1520
40   Ian Nurse            BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIA 1:11:37  M36         1:11:36  83.73%  72   2858
41   Gregory Picklesimer  Somerville Road Runners 1:11:40  M47  1   Y  1:11:36  91.71%  2    1017
42   Jon Korhonen                                 1:11:42  M31         1:11:40  82.63%  92   791  Somerville, MA
43   Robert Espinosa      Greater Boston TC       1:11:44  M29  33  Y  1:11:41  82.61%  93   2820
44   Manuel Gonzalez      Greater Boston TC       1:11:47  M24  34  Y  1:11:45  82.53%  96   1762
45   Patrick Rich         CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS   1:11:48  M37         1:11:46  84.03%  66   2923
46   Richie Spitsberg     Millennium Running      1:11:50  M28  35  Y  1:11:48  82.47%  98   2114
47   Eric Mendoza         Greater Boston TC       1:12:00  M29  36  Y  1:11:57  82.30%  102  2809
48   David Brooks         BAA                     1:12:15  M29  37  Y  1:12:12  82.02%  108  2830
49   Andreas Heilmann     BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIA 1:12:19  M29         1:12:19  81.89%  111  2880
50   Claton Conrad        Dirigo R.C.             1:12:31  M31  38  Y  1:12:27  81.75%  112  1230

New Bedford Half Marathon in Photos

More than 2,800 runners came out this past Sunday for the 37th Annual New Bedford Half Marathon, which is also the second race in our Road Racing Grand Prix series.

A few photographers were on-site to capture the race for us — check out the race photos by Thomas ColeKrissy Kozlosky and Scott Mason.

If you come across any additional photo albums that we missed, feel free to link to them in the comments section on Facebook – thanks!

Ruben Sanca (left) and Nick Karwoski, both of Whirlaway Racing Team (Photo Credit: Krissy Kozlosky)

(L-R) Ruben Sanca and Nick Karwoski, both of Whirlaway Racing Team, placed first & second respectively in the New Bedford Half Marathon on Sunday   (Photo Credit: Krissy Kozlosky)



Your Grand Prix Leaders

As we approach the second race in our Road Racing Grand Prix series this weekend — the New Bedford Half Marathon — we have two individuals leading the overall series.

The first and only race so far, the Jones 10 Miler, took place late last month in Amherst, MA. The challenging, hilly course didn’t stop Eric Ashe and Erica Jesseman from taking the top spots for the open male and female USATF-NE competitors. As your current Grand Prix leaders, we wanted to hear a little bit from these two local athletes about what it took to take the titles, and where we can expect to see them throughout the year.


Eric Ashe, B.A.A. — Male Open USATF-NE Grand Prix Leader

Eric Ashe (left), following the Jones 10 Miler - Photo Credit: Tom Derderian

Eric Ashe (left), following the Jones 10 Miler – Photo Credit: Tom Derderian

Eric chose to compete in the Jones 10 Miler because it’s part of the Grand Prix series and he wanted to score points for his team, the B.A.A. He also knew there would be some solid competition, and it would serve as a good preparation for the upcoming Boston Marathon he’s currently training for.

“I used the race as a good workout for Boston,” Eric said, noting he did a  longer warm-up than usual (6 miles) and went right into a 4 mile cool down to get his mileage in. “It was definitely a good indicator of how training is going, as my legs weren’t too beat up after the race,” he said.

It’s the first time Eric is really focusing on the marathon and he reports that his training is going very well. He says he’s in the best aerobic shape he’s ever been, which clearly showed in his last race, where he completed the 10 mile course in 50:43 —  that’s 5:04 per mile pace, and overall 7 seconds faster than second place finisher Ruben Sanca of the Whirlaway Racing Team.

We can expect to see Eric on the starting line at the New Bedford Half Marathon, where he plans to approach the race in the same manner as the first Grand Prix race, which is to go for the win but also use it as a workout for Boston. Looking ahead to April, Eric says: “I’m excited for what is to come at Boston as long as I can teach my body to hold up for 26.2 miles, and if I can stay healthy and consistent.”

For more on Eric’s training and racing, check out his NPR blog and this recent feature article on him at the same media outlet. Considering his early Grand Prix lead, it appears Eric may be the one to beat in the 2014 series.


Erica Jesseman, Dirigo Running Club — Female Open USATF-NE Grand Prix Leader

Erica Jesseman, post-race in Amerhst, MA - Photo Credit: Tom Derderian

Erica Jesseman, post-race in Amerhst, MA – Photo Credit: Tom Derderian

Erica joined the Dirigo Running Club in the summer of 2011 after graduating from the University of New Hampshire, attracted to the club’s fun and laid back environment — and living in Maine, it was most convenient for her too. For the Jones 10 Miler race, Erica had a similar approach as Eric, envisioning it as a great workout. She was most excited to compete with her Dirigo teammates Sheri Piers and Kristin Barry, who are Erica’s main training partners and mentors. Also training for Boston, she knew this race would serve as a nice preparation.

Her approach was to go out comfortably and controlled. “I knew I needed to run my own race; I didn’t focus on anyone but myself and my paces,” she said.  Her approach obviously was the right one, as she came into the finish at 59:33, which is 5:58 per mile pace.

Leading up to the race, Erica had been training through a tough winter like many of us, after suffering from IT Band Syndrome in the fall. Despite the conditions and bouncing back from the injury, she’s managed to hit 80-90 miles per week, many of them on the treadmill and hilly long runs outside on the weekends. “I haven’t been hitting my highest mileage during this marathon training cycle,” Erica noted, “it’s been more quality over quantity.”

Where else can we expect to see Erica in race results? Next on the calendar is the New Bedford Half Marathon, and in April she’ll be lining up for the Boston Marathon.


Congratulations to both Eric and Erica on their early leads in the USATF-NE Grand Prix series. Stay tuned for Sunday’s race results in New Bedford, to see how they fare as they look to continue their winning streaks while training for the Boston Marathon.

Sarah’s Streak – Going for her 100th Consecutive Grand Prix Race

Photo Credit: Scott Mason

Photo Credit: Scott Mason

The 37th Annual New Bedford Half Marathon on March 16th marks the second race in the USATF-NE Road Racing Grand Prix series. But for Whirlaway‘s Sarah Prescott, the race signifies much more. In fact, once she crosses the finish line, she will have completed her 100th consecutive USATF-NE Grand Prix race.

A runner since 1978, Sarah started entering Grand Prix races in 2000 when the club team she was a member of participated in the team competition. Motivated by seeing her name in the standings, she never looked back. Throughout this time, not only has she been a consistent name in our race standings, but she’s even found her way to the top of the results page many times too. She placed sixth last year in the series for the women’s 45-49 year old age group, and finished fourth the year prior.

Showcasing her range, in 2013, Sarah ran 36:11 for the 5 miler, 1:36:14 for the half marathon and 3:53:49 for the marathon. Considering the variety of distances included in the Grand Prix, Sarah’s training must prepare her for all sorts of races. This is why she has tailored her training based on the Grand Prix race schedule each year.

In addition to the series typically offering some races in her neck of the woods in New Hampshire, Sarah also says the Grand Prix boasts a good combination of distances and locations, while fostering camaraderie and team competition, which she enjoys with the Whirlaway Racing team.  While there are no official rankings for her streak, she says “Looking at available stats, next behind me is Christopher Chetsas (a fellow Goon Squad founder) with his streak of 6 consecutive Ironrunner years. My streak has been 14 consecutive Ironrunner years, plus one race in 2014.”  

So what’s next for Sarah? “Just keep running!” she says.  “I’ve done more than I ever imagined being able to do and feel incredibly fortunate for all the wonderful people I’ve become friends with… how could I ask for anything more?”

Reflecting on her favorite Grand Prix moments, Sarah adds: “There are so many wonderful memories, it would take a story itself!  Cape Cod Marathon was always extra special, first time I qualified for Boston Marathon and some really fun post-race parties.”

We would like to extend our congratulations to Sarah for her dedication to and successes in the USATF-NE Grand Prix series, and wish her continued success, especially at the upcoming New Bedford Half Marathon!

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