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April 15, 2003

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eric morse Eric Morse (VT) 37 is employed as a draftsman. Morse was an automatic qualifier based on his victory at the Wolverine Mountain Race, he also finished second at Mt. Washington. He has competed four times for the US Mountain Running Team having finished third US in '96 and second US in '97 and '00, and was unable to attend in 2001 due to travel restrictions. Morse has been named Vermont runner of the year ten times and has won twelve USATF NE championships. Morse finished first at the USATF New England Mountain Circuit 1997, 1999, 2000-2002 and was the USATF NE Mountain running champion in 1998 & 1999. Eric was named the USATF Mountain Runner of the year in 2001. He has PR's of 3:59 in the mile, 14:17 5K, 29:20 10K and 1:03:50 for the half marathon.
dave dunham Dave Dunham (MA) 38 works for the Treasury Department. Dunham finished second at the Wolverine race, and fifth at Mt Washington. Dave has competed on the USA Mountain running team ('92-96,'98, and '00). He was selected but injured in '97 and '99, and was unable to make the race in 01' due to travel restrictions. Dunham captured the silver medal at the Worlds in Gap France (1993), and was the top USA finisher in 1992-96, and '00 (2nd US in '98). He qualified for the Olympic Marathon Trials in 1992 and 2000. In 1996, Dunham founded the USATF NE mountain circuit, and then won the circuit in both 1996 and 1998 (runner-up in 1999, 2000, and 2001). Dunham was the 2000 USATF Mountain Runner of the year. The multi-talented athlete also represented the U.S. on the World 100K team and was the National Snowshoe champion in 2001 and the runner-up in 2002. Dave has PR’s of 14:08 for 5K, 29:17 10K, 1:00:53 20K, 2:19:28 marathon, 2:57:36 50K, and 6:46:39 for 100K.
paul low
Paul Low (MA) 28 is currently studying at UMass Amherst working towards his M.S. in Geosciences (studying igneous petrology and tectonics). In 2002 he placed second at Vail and fourth at Mount Washington. In addition Paul set a course record in winning the Seven Sister's 12-Mile Trail Race and finished 7th in the USATF New England 10K championships (30:41). Paul was a US team member in 1999 and 2000 (2nd and 5th US finisher). He set a course record at the Mt Toby Trail Run and was 19th at the US National 25K championship (1:19:50) in 2001. In 2000 Low was the 2nd US finisher at Susa Italy, Kitzbuhel Austria, and Oberstaufen Germany and the top US finisher at the International Snowdon race in Wales (finishing 5th overall). He has PR's of 14:44 for 5K, 24:38 5 mile, 30:36 10K, 1:07:28 ½ marathon and 2:26:00 for the marathon.
dan verrington Dan Verrington (MA), 40 makes his living as a Cemetery Superintendent. He was selected to the team from 1994-1999, and 2001 and was the alternate on the 2000 team. Verrington has been one of the most consistent finishers for the team during that time. He was the second US finisher in 1994, third US in 1996 & 1998, fourth US in 1997, and fifth US in 1999, he was 2nd US finisher in 2001. He was 3rd overall in the 2000 Open race. Verrington won the USATF New England Mountain Running Championships in 2001. In 2002 he was the National 50K champion and was the 2nd US finisher on the World 100K team. Verrington lists his PR's of 5k 14:48, 10k 30:35, half marathon 1:05:32 and 2:21:10 in the marathon. Dan will also be competing in the WMRA World Masters Mountain Running Championships the week following the World Trophy.
richard bolt Richard Bolt (NH) 31, has been selected to be the alternate. Bolt was the 3rd US finisher at the 1999 World trophy and at the Challenge Stellina. Bolt completed all three of the selection races, placing sixth at the Wolverine run, ninth at Mt Washington, and eleventh at Vail. He was the bronze medallist at the 2002 Snowshoe national championships. Bolt finished third at USATF NE mountain circuit in 2002 and 2000. He also competed in the US Olympic trials and was All-American for Nordic skiing and was on the 1997 World Duathlon Team. Richard has PR's of 4:19 for the mile, 14:49 5K, 24:48 5 Mile, and 31:06 for 10K. He has fully recovered from a bout with Lyme disease in 2001. In addition to being the Mountain representative at the New England Association (USATF), he serves on the National Mountain/Ultra/Trail Running Sports Council.
nikki kimball Nikki Kimball (Waterford, NY) 31 will make her first trip to the Worlds this year. She finished sixth at Mt. Washington just behind Bryan. Kimball earned a berth on her first U.S. Mountain Running team last year, but was unable to make the trip to Italy due to travel restrictions. Kimball has set course records this year at Mt. Kearsarge (8.5Mile Uphill), Whiteface Mountain (8 mile uphill), Northern Nipmuk 16 Mile, and won the Merrimack River 10 Mile. Like Dunham, Kimball represented the U.S. in the World 100K Challenge in 2001 and 2002. Kimball is an orthopedic physical
suzy west Suzy West (Putney, VT) 39 makes her fourth U.S. team, this year as the alternate She participated in two of the US selection races finishing third at Wolverine Mountain and ninth at Mt. Washington. In 1999 she was the top U.S. finisher, fourth U.S. finisher in 2000, and although she was named to the team in 2001 travel restrictions forced her to remain in the U.S. West won the 2000 and 2001 New England Mountain Running Circuits. In 2002 West has been strong in Circuit placing second to Kimball at Kearsarge, second at Mount Wachusett, third at Pack Monadnock, and second at Mount Ascutney. West has a successful dental practice in Putney, VT.


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