Mt Wachusett 05-23-04

by Dave Dunham <>

The USATF NE Mountain circuit opened its 9th season with over 200 runners taking part in the Wachusett mountain race. Wachusett has been in the circuit since the beginning (1996) and has been run for the last 12 years, it was run sporadically prior to that. It looked bleak for this year until a new Race director stepped forward and took over the race in the last couple of months. The race moved from its traditional date of Memorial Day weekend, which also kept it from conflicting from race number two in the circuit, Mt Kearsarge.

The men's field featured last year's winner Paul Low, and five-time winner Eric Morse. Low finished 4th at the USATF NE 12K championships the previous day, and went out with in the lead pack on the aptly named "One mile hill road". A pack quickly formed with Low, Morse, Josh Ferenc from Keene State and Kevin Tilton (CMS) both running in their first Wachusett. The second group of Ben Nephew (who had also run the 12k), Sean Livingston (the Mt Washington Junior record holder), and the Moose Milers Zach Emerson slowly fell back. I watched them pull away and tried to hold onto a position in the top ten.

At the entrance to the State park (1.2 miles) Low had pulled ahead slightly and Morse passed Ferenc. Tilton began to fade from the lead group, and the second pack began to break up. On the climb I could see 3rd through 8th place strung out in front of me. I was hanging out alone about 10 seconds behind Greg Ward of the Moose Milers. By two miles (just after the "down" road) I could see Livingston moving up into 4th and Tilton hanging on to 5th. My split at 2 was 12:33, which I thought would get me into the finish around 26:30. The third mile has some good climb and a long fast drop. Low and Morse maintained about 10 second gap between them. Livingston was making up ground on Ferenc, and Nephew smoked the downhill closing on Tilton. I hit 3 at 18:30 and had Ward and Emerson in sight with each about 15 seconds ahead.

The last 1.3 miles was a return to all up, and a return to some fog and clouds. Low kept up his steady pace to hold off Morse by 11 seconds. When asked by Morse how hard he ran Low said "pretty places". The finish line placement is about as far as you can go up the mountain without falling off the face. Unfortunately you can see the clock ticking away for about the last minute of running. Livingston, a low 4 miler, passed Ferenc in the last .3 miles but was re-passed in the parking lot for third and fourth place. Tilton and Nephew held positions with only 2 seconds separating them. Tilton noted "I could hear Ben gaining, he was making a lot of noise". I couldn't gain any ground on either Emerson or Ward as they lead the Moose Milers to a second place finish behind CMS (by 8 points to 25 with the top 3 places scoring).

I was among the many surprised by how much slower the times were this year. Ward was the only one in the top who improved over last year(by 1:21). He said during our warmdown on the trails around the back of the mountain that "I hoped to run faster than last year, I've been training a lot more". I took top in the 40+ competition with the 7th fastest time for a master. My time also put me as the 5th fastest individual in the 40+. I'm in pretty good company behind Craig Fram, Geary Daniels, Bob Hodge and Joe Stanley. Mark Pitts rounded out the top 10 overall with his 2nd place finish in the 40+.

The 50+ competition had Rob Higley run the 5th fastest time. Taking the victory over Len Hall by a little over a minute. Higley is now the 3rd fastest individual and Hall moves up to 5th on the list. Peter Orni won the 60+ competition by 1:14 over CMS teammate Joseph Drugan. Orni still remains on the 50+ individuals list with his time from 1993 (6th fastest).

On the ladies side, the competition looked fierce. Nikki Kimball showed up a bit late to the race after hitting a deer on the drive over! She would be challenged by course record holder (and 5 time Olympic trials qualifier) Julie Peterson. Kelli Lusk would be making her first attempt at Wachusett the day after dueling to a second place finish in the New England 12K championships. Mountain ace Suzy West was also on hand after dominating the circuit last year and recently winning the Big Sur marathon.

Peterson tucked in behind Kimball with Lusk following for most of the race. Kimball held on to win with the 10th fastest time and moved up to 5th fastest individual with her 8 second win over Peterson. Peterson's time was the 2nd fastest for a master, behind only her record of 29:38. Lusk took third 25 seconds back, which makes her the 7th fastest individual. Deidre Bird took the 50+ competition in 31 seconds shy of the course record. The 60+ went uncontested.


Wachusett Mt. Road Race (13th)
Wachusett Mt., Westminster/Princeton MA, May 23, 2004
 PLACE  TIME    FIRST         LAST                CATEGORY     CLUB                       CITY              STATE
   1    25:17   Paul          Low                 M20-39       CMS                        Amherst           MA
   2    25:28   Eric          Morse               M20-39       CMS                        Berlin            VT
   3    26:09   Josh          Ferenc              M20-39       Keene State                Keene             NH
   4    26:12   Sean          Livingston          M20-39       BAA                        Barrington        RI
   5    26:55   Kevin         Tilton              M20-39       CMS                        Conway            NH
   6    26:57   Ben           Nephew              M20-39       CMS                        Foxboro           MA
   7    27:07   Zach          Emerson             M00-19       Moose Milers               Hillsboro         MA
   8    27:19   Greg          Ward                M20-39       Moose Milers               Holden            MA
   9    27:33   Dave          Dunham              M40-49       CMS                        Bradford          MA
   10   28:53   Mark          Pitts               M40-49       Moose Milers               North Woodstock   NH
   11   29:13   Robert        Chasen              M40-49       Tri-Valley Frontrunners    Weymouth          MA
   12   29:55   Rob           Higley              M50-59       WMAC                       Amherst           MA
   13   30:03   Matthew       Twarog              M20-39                                  Hubbardston       MA
   14   30:14   Richard       Molloy              M20-39                                  Millis            MA
   15   30:22   Robert        Smith               M20-39       CMS                        Charleston        MA
   16   30:30   Michael       Vitelli             M40-49       Marshfield Roadrunners     Marshfield Hills  MA
   17   30:32   Dan           Sullivan            M00-19       Wesleyan Univ              Jaffrey           NH
   18   30:38   Nikki         Kimball             F20-39       CMS                        Elizabethtown     NY
   19   30:46   Julie         Peterson            F40-49       BAA                        Beverly           MA
   20   30:54   Bernard       Hyland              M20-39                                  Brighton          MA
   21   31:11   Kelli         Lusk                F20-39       CMS                        Amherst           MA
   22   31:110  Skip          Wiemeyer            M20-39                                  Duxbury           MA
   23   31:16   Len           Hall                M50-59       Moose Milers               Enfield           NH
   24   31:26   David         Loutzenheiser       M20-39       CRC                        Cambridge         MA
   25   31:30   Domingo       Elias               M20-39       BAA                        Dorchester        MA
   26   31:300  Dick          Byers               M40-49       Trafford Athletic Club     Newton            MA
   27   31:37   Ricardo       Hernandez-Pinzon    M40-49       PRC                        Hyde Park         MA
   28   31:50   Richard       Stockdale           M50-59       Gate City Striders         Mason             NH
   29   32:01   Suzy          West                F40-49       CSU                        Putney            VT
   30   32:04   Keith         O'Brien             M40-49       GLRR                       Chelmsford        MA
   31   32:07   Brian Patrick Mulligan            M40-49       Wampanoag                  Providence        RI
   32   32:33   Wesley        Lassen              M20-39       Team Gloucester            Gloucester        MA
   33   32:41   Todd          Brown               M40-49       NMC                        Rocky Hill        CT
   34   32:45   Bob           Mulvaney            M50-59       MMM                        Derry             NH
   35   32:55   Ted           MacMahon            M20-39       CMS                        Groton            MA
   36   33:06   Paul          Bazanchuk           M40-49                                  Amherst           MA
   37   33:09   Jenn          BrooksLassen        F20-39       Team Gloucester            Gloucester        MA
   38   33:11   Robert        Naser               M40-49       Thirsty Irish Runners      Dedham            MA
   39   33:13   Jonathan      Shaw                M20-39       CSU                        Plympton          MA
   40   33:59   Jon           Stableford          M50-59       MVS                        Andover           MA
   41   34:09   Dan           Poliquin            M20-39       Rochester Runners          Farmington        NH
   42   34:16   Don           Slovenkai           M40-49       NMC                        Fitchburg         MA
   43   34:20   Jim           Panaccione          M20-39                                  Newmarket         NH
   44   34:30   Loren         Siebert             M40-49       NMC                        Pepperell         MA
   45   34:33   Chris         Keyes               M20-39                                  Sutton            MA
   46   34:42   Pilar         Rodriguez           F20-39                                  Boston            MA
   47   34:45   Tony          Mariano             M40-49                                  Carlisle          MA
   48   34:51   Donna         Smyth               F40-49       CSU                        Vernon            VT
   49   34:55   Steve         Davis               M40-49       Team Gloucester            Gloucester        MA
   50   34:58   Cheryl        Mcfague             F20-39                                  Townsend          MA
   51   35:07   Sean          OSullivan           M20-39                                  Templeton         MA
   52   35:15   Joshua        Curtis              M20-39       NMC                        Newport           RI
   53   35:20   Robert        Bradlee             M40-49       CSU                        Reading           MA
   54   35:21   Nixie         Raymond             F40-49       CSU                        Roslindale        MA
   55   35:23   Jeffrey       Mailhot             M20-39                                  Princeton         MA
   56   35:25   Kelly         Robison             F20-39                                  Webster           MA
   57   35:44   John          Neuhauser           M20-39       Heartbreak Hill Striders   Maynard           MA
   58   35:59   Vinnie        Rivard              M50-59       CMS                        Leominster        MA
   59   36:00   Lester        Forgit              M40-49       CMS                        Worcester         MA
   60   36:04   James         Drew                M50-59       CSU                        Boxborough        MA
   61   36:09   Ray           Dauphinais          M40-49       NMC                        Rindge            NH
   62   36:10   Mike          Sikorski            M40-49       CMS                        Sterling          MA
   63   36:12   Peter         Orni                M60-69       CMS                        Ashburnham        MA
   64   36:13   Paulette      Bolton              F40-49                                  Manchester        NH
   65   36:17   Dan           Wagner              M40-49       CMS                        Sterling          MA
   66   36:170  Todd          Richards            M20-39       NMC                        Winchendon        MA
   67   36:19   Heidi         Havron              F20-39       Gate City Striders         Merrimack         NH
   68   36:20   Rob           Thomas              M40-49       CMS                        Charlton          MA
   69   36:22   William       Sicard              M40-49       CMS                        Fitchburg         MA
   70   36:34   Glenn         Swanboa             M20-39       GLRR                       Maynard           MA
   71   36:43   Andre         Perrault            M20-39       Boston College             Gardner           MA
   72   36:53   Amy           Zaferacopoulos      F20-39                                  Littleton         MA
   73   36:530  Louis         Economo             M40-49                                  Winchester        MA
   74   37:01   George        Corff               M50-59       NMC                        Stow              MA
   75   37:010  Frank         Sylvia              M50-59       Andover Striders           Shrewsbury        MA
   76   37:04   Mellisa       Hult                F20-39                                  Lancaster         MA
   77   37:07   John          Schaechter          M40-49       NBTC                       Canton            MA
   78   37:08   Deb           Willard-Parker      F40-49       NMC                        Fitchburg         MA
   79   37:080  John          Tallarico           M40-49       MRM                        Wilton            NH
   80   37:13   Roger         Myers               M50-59                                  Athol             MA
   81   37:17   Walter        Kuklinski           M50-59                                  Princeton         MA
   82   37:26   Joseph        Drugan              M60-69       CMS                        Hopedale          MA
   83   37:28   Helen         Bradler             F40-49       MRM                        Temple            NH
   84   37:50   John          Lorway              M50-59                                  Princeton         MA
   85   37:52   Basil         Thompson            M40-49                                  Andover           MA
   86   37:57   Neil          Lacey               M40-49       CMS                        Ayer              MA
   87   38:01   Andrew        Galvin              M20-39                                  Newton            MA
   88   38:10   Deidre        Bird                F50-59       Wampanoag                  Lincoln           RI
   89   38:14   Darlene       Murray              F40-49       CMS/NMC                    Sterling          MA
   90   38:23   Janice        Badessa             F40-49                                  Dedham            MA
   91   38:230  Jack          O'Connor            M40-49       Thirsty Irish Runners      Dedham            MA
   92   38:24   Brian         Majoy               M20-39                                  New Braintree     MA
   93   38:29   Joe           Panepinto           M40-49                                  Holliston         MA
   94   38:31   Keith         Bockus              M50-59                                  Hubbardston       MA
   95   38:43   Kenneth       Johnson             M20-39                                  Holden            MA
   96   38:49   Donald        Hogardt             M50-59       HHS                        Needham           MA
   97   38:57   Peter         Shea                M40-49       Blue Hill Bird Brains      North Easton      MA
   98   38:59   Charles       Johnson             M50-59       sqrr club                  Groton            MA
   99   39:00   Adailton      Soares              M40-49                                  Hudson            MA
  100   39:07   Steve         Vaitones            M40-49       SRR                        Waltham           MA
  101   39:14   C. Robert     Suarez              M20-39                                  Boston            MA
  102   39:23   Eldon         Burkinshaw          M60-69       Gate City Striders         Londonderry       NH
  103   39:28   George        Kocyan              M50-59                                  Northbridge       MA
  104   39:33   Jennifer      Rivers              F20-39       SRR                        Charleston        MA
  105   39:36   Steven        McCallan            M40-49                                  W Groton          MA
  106   39:40   Lisa          Mentzer             F20-39       CMS                        Millbury          MA
  107   39:50   Jim           Kokernak            M20-39       Nipmuc Ski Club            Webster           MA
  108   39:51   James         Shope               M50-59       CMS/NMC                    Leominster        MA
  109   39:54   Chris         Nelson              M20-39                                  West Hartford     CT
  110   39:58   John          Loring              M50-59                                  Jamaica Plain     MA
  111   40:02   Stu           Thurston            M60-69       CMS                        Boylston          MA
  112   40:06   Joanie        Kelly               F20-39                                  Belmont           MA
  113   40:07   Steve         Dukich              M40-49                                  Wakefield         MA
  114   40:11   Chris         Vaughan             M40-49                                  N. Easton         MA
  115   40:15   Ken           Goodin              M40-49                                  Lowell            MA
  116   40:24   Paul          Grant               M50-59       CSU                        Carver            MA
  117   40:29   Mike          Farmer              M40-49                                  Shrewsbury        MA
  118   40:290  Steve         Haynes              M20-39                                  Millbury          MA
  119   40:36   Heinz         Ludwig              M50-59                                  New Boston        NH
  120   40:40   Stephanie     Nephew              F20-39       CMS                        Foxboro           MA
  121   40:48   Bob           Lashua              M40-49                                  Leominster        MA
  122   40:50   Mike          Walsh               M20-39                                  Mansfield         MA
  123   41:00   Kim           Maxwell             F20-39                                  Charlestown       MA
  124   41:06   Jack          Bakstran            M40-49                                  Northborough      MA
  125   41:07   John          Lanza               M20-39                                  Wellesley         MA
  126   41:09   David         Keeler              M20-39                                  Oxford            MA
  127   41:20   Karl          Barney              M20-39                                  Amherst           NH
  128   41:27   Ann           Kucharski           F50-59       WCRC                       Haverhill         MA
  129   41:36   Orapin        Asarangchai         F20-39                                  Westborough       MA
  130   41:39   Jim           Sicard              M40-49       CMS                        Fitchburg         MA
  131   41:43   John          Beischel            M40-49                                  Worcester         MA
  132   41:48   Steven        McAvoy              M50-59       NMC                        Everett           MA
  133   41:54   John          Kleczka             M50-59       CMS/NMC                    Lunenburg         MA
  134   41:57   Ellen         Richards            F50-59       MVS                        Millis            MA
  135   41:58   Michael       Thatcher            M40-49       Gate City Striders         Manchester        NH
  136   42:01   Larry         Morris              M50-59       CMS/NMC/RAT                Leominster        MA
  137   42:06   Arnie         Pollinger           M40-49       GFRC                       Holliston         MA
  138   42:13   Allison       Paulson             F20-39                                  Boston            MA
  139   42:14   Krista        Olsen               F20-39                                  Brookline         MA
  140   42:19   Benjamin      Massouh             M20-39                                  Leicester         MA
  141   42:22   Rod           L'Italien           M60-69                                  Newburyport       MA
  142   42:28   Peter         Covill              M40-49       RIRR                       E Providence      RI
  143   42:32   Mark          Officer             M40-49       GDTC                       Londonderry       NH
  144   42:35   George        Kocur               M50-59       Cambridge Sports Union     Cambridge         MA
  145   42:42   Andrew        Park                M40-49                                  Westboro          MA
  146   42:53   Dennis        Zajehowski          M60-69                                  Griswold          CT
  147   43:10   John          Londa               M40-49                                  Lunenburg         MA
  148   43:19   Donald        Dayton              M70+         GNBTC/65+ RR               Dartmouth         MA
  149   43:21   Tom           Telicki             M20-39                                  Westminster       MA
  150   43:22   Eve           DiPietro            F20-39                                  Southbridge       MA
  151   43:24   Fred          Ross III            M50-59       CSU                        Vernon            VT
  152   43:26   Richard       Hunt                M60-69       CMS                        Auburn            MA
  153   43:28   Emer          O'Donoghue          F40-49       Somerville Road Runners    Lexington         MA
  154   43:29   Zack          Tibbetts            F40-49       North Medford Running Club Westford          MA
  155   43:290  Donna         LeBlanc             F40-49       NMC                        Sutton            MA
  156   43:40   Richard       MacDonald           M50-59       Gate City Striders         Milford           NH
  157   43:43   Wayne         Hilson              M50-59       Gate City Striders         Litchfield        NH
  158   43:57   Peter         Watson              M60-69       Team Gloucester            Rockpot           MA
  159   44:06   Barbara       Whitehead           F50-59                                  Westminster       MA
  160   44:12   Brenda        Squires             F20-39       CMS                        Worcester         MA
  161   44:18   Max           Teto                M50-59                                  Templeton         MA
  162   44:27   Peter         Colonis             M60-69                                  Waterford         CT
  163   44:58   Mark          Walsh               M20-39                                  Nashua            NH
  164   45:06   Chris         Harrison            M50-59       L Street                   Boston            MA
  165   45:12   Emily         Trespas             F20-39       Rochester Runners          Andover           MA
  166   45:32   Allison       Hayward             F20-39                                  Danvers           MA
  167   45:35   Michael       Villemaire          M50-59       CMS                        Uxbridge          MA
  168   45:350  Joseph        Leader              M60-69       Cambridge Sports Union     Lexington         MA
  169   45:41   Joe           O'Connor            M40-49       RSC                        Sterling          MA
  170   45:43   Daniel        O'Brien             M20-39                                  Bellingham        MA
  171   45:48   John          Mitchell            M20-39                                  Holliston         MA
  172   45:53   Chris         Olsen               M20-39                                  Brookline         MA
  173   45:57   Linda         Fisher              F40-49                                  Hudson            MA
  174   46:02   Bob           Wurtele             M60-69                                  Manchester        NH
  175   46:20   Jim           Terry               M50-59       CSU                        Roslindale        MA
  176   46:45   Jerry         Gavin               M40-49                                  Upton             MA
  177   47:04   Helen         Dudley              F40-49                                  Marlboro          MA
  178   47:24   Raymond       Boutotte            M50-59       CMS/NMC                    Pepperell         MA
  179   47:40   Nancy         Craig               F20-39                                  Westford          MA
  180   47:45   Peter         Young               M20-39                                  Cambridge         MA
  181   47:48   Peter         Durfee              M50-59       RIRR                       N Scituate        RI
  182   47:52   Judy          Sikorski            F40-49       CMS                        Sterling          MA
  183   47:57   Barbara       Deane               F20-39                                  Brockton          MA
  184   48:00   Laurie        Curtin              F20-39                                  Beverly           MA
  185   48:18   Mildred       Mugica              F20-39                                  Nashua            NH
  186   48:24   Mike          Cravedi             M20-39                                  Sterling          MA
  187   48:32   Cindi         Hanley              F20-39                                  Stoneham          MA
  188   49:03   Richard       Busa                M70+         Team Saucony               Marlboro          MA
  189   49:33   Marshall      McCloskey           M60-69       MVS                        Brighton          MA
  190   51:37   Gregory       Carson              M40-49                                  Londonderry       NH
  191   51:57   Diane         Massouh             F20-39                                  Leicester         MA
  192   52:33   Pam           Zawada              F20-39       Adrenelin Multi Sport      Marlboro          MA
  193   53:04   Rebecca       Ramirez             F20-39                                  Brookline         MA
  194   53:14   Megan         Therriault          F20-39                                  Gardner           MA
  195   53:34   Steve         Locke               M40-49                                  Boston            MA
  196   53:37   Dan           Donovan             M50-59                                  Clinton           MA
  197   53:44   Laurel        Shortell            F20-39       WMAC                       Northampton       MA
  198   54:29   Peter         Pantelis            M70+         Mohegan Striders           Waterford         CT
  199   54:52   Douglas       Raymond             M40-49                                  Millbury          MA
  200   55:25   Michael       Garofano            M40-49                                  Westminster       MA
  201   56:52   Leesa         Lewon               F40-49                                  Griswold          CT
  202   56:520  Lisa          Torchia             F20-39                                  Griswold          CT
  203   56:53   Kris          Carlson             M50-59                                  Concord           MA
  204   67:37   Richard       Hudson              M50-59                                  Worcester         MA

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