2003 World Mountain Running Trophy

Girdwood, AK
September 20 & 21

Pictures by Nancy Hobbs. Paul Low. Kelli Lusk & Dave Dunham
USATF New England Runners are highlighted

Nikki, Kari, Aniti and Kelli at the top of the course.

Eric Morse comes into the finish.

Mark, Scott, Paul, Simon, Eric, Peter & Bill make up the senior men's team.

Richard Bolt early on in the open race.

Junior Brett Wilson 2200' above the start in the snow and the mud.

Junior Brett Wilson feels the pain at the top of the course.

Simon makes it to the top to the course in 5th place.

Eric Morse at the top of the course.

Start of the junior women's race.

The US juniors get tangled up at the start....

....but carry on with a little mud for that "rugged mountain running look."

Simon leaves the snow of the summit behind and comes into the finish.

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