USATF Junior Olympics Program

The USATF Junior Olympic program is an age group competition program held in track & field and cross country. Competition is held in two year age groups, based on year of birth. For 2002 , the following are the age divisions names and birth ranges

Age Division Birth Range
Bantam Born 1992 and later
Midget Born 1990-91
Youth Born 1988-89
Intermediate Born 1986-87
Young Men/Women Born 1984-85

Also, for the track & field meet only, athletes born July 29, 1983 and later may also compete in the Young Men/Women division (this is not applicable in cross country). Many other youth meets use this age group format for their meets to maintain consistancy.

Advancement up the ladder is by place.

Preliminary meets are held at several sites around the region. These meets are open to all with no qualifying standards, and may have a limited schedule of events or limited age divisions. Their purpose is to provide opportunities for young athletes to compete. (Contact the office if you are interested in hosting a preliminary meet in 2002.)

New England association meets are open to all youth in the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Region I is made up of the following associations: New England, Connecticut, Maine, Adirondack (NY), Metropolitan (NY), and Long Island (NY) Locations for the Region I meet rotate among the associations.

The National Youth Athletics Meet is held in the same age groupings, is open to all with no preliminary meets, but does have entry standards or guidelines. The level of competition generally matches the JO meet.

Track & Field

The association championship meet is open to all competitors regardless of ability. A full schedule of events is contested.

Association to Regional: Top 6 individuals in each event, and top 3 relays
Regional to National: Top 3 individuals in each event, and top 3 relays

Cross Country

Race Distances
Bantam and Midget: 3000 meters
Youth: 4000 meters
Intermediate and Young M/W: 5000 meters
Association to Regional: Top 3 teams and other individuals in the top 25
Regional to National Top 3 teams and others in the top 20

Events and Sites for 2002

Dates are similar weekends each year

Track & Field
June 15 New England meet, Bryant College, Smithfield RI
June 21-23 Region I, Mitchell Field, Long Island NY. Results
July 23-28 National Junior Olympics, Omaha NE
Results - check under Youth
July 3-7 Youth Athletics Meet, Miami FL
National site - Youth Page
Cross Country
November 17 New England meet at Bryant College, Smithfield RI
Individual entry form
Team declaration form
November 24 Region I meet, Bryant College, Smithfield RI
Information and directions
December 14 National Junior Olympics, Carrollton Georgia
National Web Site

Future Dates and Sites

Past Track Results

2001 New England JO T & F results held at RI College

2000 New England JO T & F results held at RI College

Click here for info on the USATF National Youth Program.

USA Track & Field New England

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2002 New England JO results held at Bryant College
2002 Region I, Mitchell Field, Long Island NY.2002 results