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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is just getting started. Please check back again soon. In the meantime, feel free to contact one or our New England Association Officials Certification chairman listed in question 1.

1. Who do I send my exam to?

If you live in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont, send your exam to Laurie Boemker. Laurie's mailing address is:

Laurie Boemker
18 Rugby Street
Cranston RI 02912

Her telephone and fax number is 401-941-8427

If you live outside of the New England Association, click here to locate your certification chair.

2. How much does the certification or recertification cost?
3. How do I pay?
Send a check with your first review. The check should be made payable to USA Track & Field New England.
4. When are the exams due?
There is no specific date that they are due. However, you are not certified until you complete and return all of the required recertification material.
5. Can I complete and send one exam at a time?
Yes. No need to batch the rules reviews. Send them in as you complete them. The fee is due when you send in your first review
6. I don't have access to the internet. How can I obtain a copy of the exam?
Contact Laurie. She can mail them the exams to you.
7. I don't have access to the internet. How can I get a rules book?
You may order the current Competition Rules book from the USATF national office. Call them at 317-261-0500.
8. I don't have access to the internet. How can I send a digital photo?
You may mail a digital photo on a CD or other media.
9. Can use my 2007 USATF Competition Rules Book?
Yes. Since USATF competition rules change every other year on the odd years, the 2007 and 2008 Competition Rules books are similar. There will be signifigant rule changes in the 2009 Competition Rules book.
10. I have officiated for several years and am an MTFOA official? I want to become a USATF certified official. Which exam do I take (new officials or association)?
You should take the Association review as the New review is for someone who has never officiated before.
11. I have officiated for several years and am an MTFOA official? Why do I need a USATF officials certification?
If you do not plan to work any USATF events, you do not need to be USATF certified.
12. How long will it take to learn my status after submitting my exam?
Please remember that all involved in the process are volunteers and the actual time will depend on the schedule of all the people involved. But generally, any review received before the end of the month will be processed in the first couple weeks of the next month. Then, your ID will be mailed back to Laurie and she will mail it back to you. So, if you send it in at the beginning of a month you will wait longer to get it back. But remember, if you have provided all the information (USATF Member, Data Sheet) you are certified as soon as it is processed -- not when you receive your ID.
13. How will I be notified, and what should I expect to receive?
You will get a package in the mail which will contain a USATF Officials ID and a pin.
14. I have a USATF Officials Certification for 2004-2008. Can I continue to officiate?
Your certification expired at the end of the Olympiad. Nobody can be recertified before November 1, 2008, so by default your certification is good until then. A Meet Director may choose to hire you with a lapsed certification, but you will not be eligible to work any of the USATF National Championships.
15. I just took the exams to became a USATF certified offical in 2008. Do I need to complete the rules review so soon?
Anyone who was newly certified has a 2009 — 2012 ID card. They will only need to provide a 2009 USATF Membership number to keep there certification. Numbers can be obtained by clicking here. If you just recertified, you will need to take the rules reviews again as recertification should have been done in 2004/05.

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