New England Association AAU XC Championships
Brookline MA
November 24, 1910


10 Miles

New England Association A.A.U. Ten-Mile Cross-Country Championship.


Held at Waltham, Mass.. November 24, 1910
under the auspices of the St. Charles Association of Waltham.

There were 19 starters, and 16 of them finished in the following order:
John J, Cook, Jr., Brookline Gymnasium A. A., 54m. 49s.;
Clarence DeMar, North Dorchester A. A., 55m. 10s.;
James Henigan, North Dorchester A. A., 55m. 39s.;
Hugh F. Maguire, North Attleboro, 55m. 57s.;
Albert L. Upham, North Dorchester A. A., 58m. 30s.;
Joseph M. Lordan, Somerville, 58m. 59s.;
Paul H. Withington, Harvard A. A., 59m. 4s.;
Henry L. Pree, Brookline Gym, A. A., 59m. 54s.;
C. J. Anderson, Providence A.C, 1h. 35s.;
E. L. Clem, West Lynn, 1h. 36s,;
John Halfenstine, Brookline Gym. A. A., 1h. 2m, 10s.;
Maxwell Wilson, Brookline Gym. A. A., 1h. 2m, 51s,;
John Gilson, Lincoln A,C,, Waltham, 1h. 4m. Is.;
Joseph Coughlin, Lincoln A.C, Waltham, 1h. 5m. 29s.;
John Walsh, Brookline Gym. A. A., 1h. 5m. 33s,;
Richard Garrigau, Lincoln A.C, Waltham, 1h. 7m. 32s.

Results from Spalding's Official Athletic Almanac

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