Boston Mayor's Cup Cross Country

Now 29 years old, the Mayor's Cup cross country festival is held annually at Boston's Franklin Park. Started in 1990 by legendary Boston coach Bill Squires to bring open cross country back to the park, the first race drew just nine runners. The event now draws nearly 1000 entrants from youth development runners to international caliber harriers. The races have been run over the current course since 1995.
A fixture on the East Coast cross country schedule, the festival traditionally runs on the fourth Sunday in October and includes three age group races for youth age 14 and under, the "open" Franklin Park 5K, a championship 5K for women, and a championship 8K for men.
Clubs compete for the coveted Squires Cup.

The meet has been presented by the B.A.A. and adidas America since 1997, and is run by USATF-New England in partnership with the Boston Parks and Recreation Department and Center for Youth and Families

Winners through the years

        Individual (The Mayor's Cup)           Team (The Squires Cup)

2019    Everett Hackett, Hartbeat TC    24:15  Hartbeat TC      44
        Brianna Ilarda, OceanSt AC/NBal 17:13  Tracksmith Hare  42

2018    Trevor Dunbar, B.A.A.           23:53  Tracksmith Hare  38
        Emily Durgin, New Balance Bos   16:47  Tracksmith Hare  40

2017    Ryan Mahalsky, Hansons-Brooks   23:37  Ocean State AC / New Balance    25
        Molly Seidel, Saucony Freedom   16:18  Hansons-Brooks Distance Project 21
            (#2 all-time course time)

2016    Jim Spisak, NE Distance         23:37  New England Distance 19
        Liv Westphal, France            16:53  Battle Road TC 21

2015    Trevor Dunbar, Nike             23:17  New England Distance 35
        Liz Costello, New Balance       16:35  New Balance Boston 15

2014    Mitch Goose, Manhattan Project  23:46  Boston Athletic Association 30
        Rachel Hannah, U.Toronto TC/CAN 16:36  Boston Athletic Association 15

2013    Cameron Bean, ZAPFitness Reebok 23:56  Bryn Mawr Running Co. 23
        Jennifer Bergman, Mizuno - DC   17:10  Central Park TC-New Balance 27

2012    The Mayor's Cup was not held in 2012 due to course/park construction

2011    David Nightingale, N.Y.A.C      23:46  New York A.C. 43
        Lauren Centrowitz, Pacers NB    17:10  New Balance Boston 54

2010    Jon Phillips, N.Y.A.C.          23:54  B.A.A. 46
        Katie DiCamillo, NewBalance Bos 17:06  New Balance Boston 28

2009    Sean Quigley, Puma                     New Balance Boston
        Irene Kimaiyo, Riadha/KEN              Riadha

2008    Jacob Korir, Riadha/KEN         23:54  Westchester TC 52
        Mary Cullen, Ireland            16:08  New Balance Boston 40
             (Course Record)

2007    Girma Tola, Westchester TC/ETH         B.A.A.
        Aziza Aliyli, Westchester TC/ETH       Riadha

2006    Stephen Chemlany, Westchester TC/KEN   Westchester TC
        Aziza Aliyli, Westchester TC/ETH       Westchester TC

2005    Jarrod Shoemaker, B.A.A.               B.A.A.
        Kim Smith, Reebok Providence/NZL       Westchester TC

2004    Mark Carroll, Ireland                  B.A.A.
        Atalelech Ketema, Westchester TC/ETH   B.A.A.

2003    Keith Kelly, New Balance/IRE           B.A.A.
        Kate O'Neill, Nike Int'l               B.A.A.

2002    Keith Kelly, New Balance/IRE           Bryn Mawr AC
        Kristin Chisum, New Balance            B.A.A.

2001    Sandu Rebenciuc, US Army               B.A.A.
        Priscilla Hein, Indiana Invaders       Indiana Invaders

2000    Francis Kirwa, Life Univ./KEN          Reebok Boston
        Sarah Dupre, B.A.A./CAN                B.A.A.

1999    Sammy Nyamongo, Life Univ./KEN         Life University
        Chris Junkermann, Club CT              Syracuse Chargers

1998    Francis Kirwa, Life U./KEN             Reebok Enclave
        Leslie Lehane, B.A.A                   B.A.A

1997    Silah Misoi, Life U./KEN 22:53 CR     Team New Balance
        Kathy Franey, Nike       16:22 CR     asics Club East

1996    Silah Misoi, Life U./KEN               Team New Balance
        Kate Fonshell, asics                   Central Mass Striders

1995    Seamus McElligott, Fleet Feet          Life College               New standard course
        Lynn Jennings, Nike                    Boston Running Club

1994    Abidi Bouazza, Westchester Puma        Team scoring began in 1995
        Lynn Jennings, Nike

1993    Brad Schlapak, NYAC/New Balance
        Carmen Troncoso, Nike Texas

1992    Brad Schlapak, NYAC/New Balance
        Kathy Franey, Reebok Racing Team

1991    Andy Ball, Nike Running Room
        Gwynn Coogan, Nike Boston

1990    Michael Baugh, Unattached-Boston
        Michelle DiMuro, Reebok Racing Team

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